SEM Metrics Skills Needed By Ad Agencies


Advertising across the traditional media is changing to emulate the trackability afforded by search advertising, and SEM people with their metrics savvy have a distinct edge over traditional agencies right now.

This according to search engine executives who spoke at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York yesterday. Kevin Newcomb has a write-up with additional analysis and some background links in ClickZNews today:
Will SEMs Become "Metrics Marketers"?

Newcomb cites Google's recent moves into print advertising, and Yahoo's affirmation that the great potential with traditional ads now is to bring tracking accountability.

Google's Tim Armstrong:

"The information that comes out of search is transferable to other kinds of marketing. It has measurability and accountability, which are wide open in other areas...Most agencies competitively aren't set up to manage their business from a spreadsheet the way search marketers do. They shouldn't be nervous, but they should be putting energy into understanding metrics."

Well, and maybe they should be a little nervous?

The article is a quick clean read.