Splogfighter Vanquishes Many Accounts


Not often do I run across a blog that's hellbent on cleaning up the blogosphere but Splogfighter has been doing a kick ass job of getting blogger.com and AdSense accounts removed for these people. Some of his lists for a single AdSense account numbers in 100s of splog accounts, one topped 7,000 sites, and they're dropping like flies.

I've seen alot of AdSense supported spammers but this one takes the cake and then some. He created at least 7897 spam blogs in Blogger that automatically redirect to a page like this. There is absolutely no content whatsoever on thousands of pages.

This is a cause I think is worthy to support so let Splogfighter know when you run across sploggers as it's a missing to squish them over there.

Kudos Splogfighter and keep up the good job!


Splogfighter one of your accounts..

..then, IncrediBILL ?


I'm way to lazy to get that involved which is why I applaud Splogfighter

What a twit.

What a twit.

Me or...

Splogfighter? LOL

I think it's a good fight because I'm getting referer bombed by idiots with blogger accounts and just reported another batch from some idiot that hammered my server for a 5 minute period today. I'm getting real sick of this nonsense of people abusing everything and everyone to make a nickle, it's crazy.


Entertaining, but doubt it will have any effect.
AdSense account deleted, means they sign up again or switch to another network.
Someone who’s capable of creating several thousand auto-generated blogs isn’t just going to go away. They’ll change tactics, find other targets, create more realistic looking spam. Probably done them a favour as they’ll be one step a head of all the other spammers when the engines try to zap them with an algorithm.

I don't know whether...

... to make fun of the tattling or to envy the linkbait?

A complee nutter

and what a waste of time, do the boys and girls at the plex laugh like hyenas when they here from the nutters, after all, everything can be solved by the tall foreheads with the algo.

>>7,000 sites, and they're

>>7,000 sites, and they're dropping like flies

And multiplying like same. Anyone up for emptying the ocean with a thimble?

At least he's trying

I love people that naysay when at least someone is taking a shot at it.

Probably about as naive as my reporting to Google when my bot blocker error messages started showing up cloaked scrapers all over the place but that's one batch that's gone and they won't have my content ever again.

True, probably emptying the ocean with a thimble but every thimble full gone is less mess on the net and I still applaud the efforts, just like Spam Huntress, you have to admire plucky people that fight the problems against all odds.

Better than those that just sit around and bitch about it and do nothing.

Doing nothing to help google

Doing nothing to help google fight splogs, serp spam, etc... - sure, i'll take that. I've never believed it's my fight, and, as it's not my business I won't worry about how to run it.

Nor do I bitch about when I see splogs and the like, I study and try and learn from it.

Sorry, I don't feel like

Sorry, I don't feel like applauding a misguided effort that will prove fruitless. The world is full of nutters that carry around hammers and therefore see every problem a nail.

Google could fix this particluar problem, so why aren't they?

>>you have to admire plucky people that fight the problems against all odds.

You may feel compelled to do so, I don't share your views. Pushing the same button time after time and expecting a different result is insanity. How is playing whack-a-mole with spam accomplishing anything? It isn't, and you know it. It's like cops saying they're fighting the 'war on drugs' by busting corner drug dealers.

I believe I'll continue to 'naysay' when I believe it is warranted. You can applaud when you feel it is warranted, doesn't mean either of us is wrong.


Sometimes these misguided efforts get fine tuned to the point that indentifying and eradicating the problem can be easily automated, so maybe the nutters will eventually lead Google to a workable solution as they fine tune their approach to busting these vermin. Nutters sometimes build cool tools like Spam Assassin, Spam Arrest, etc. so I like to see people attacking the problems as eventually they may end up making money selling the solution.

I wonder how many people that protest Splogfighters efforts are actually sploggers themselves?

FWIW, how I started catching referer spammers and cloaking scrapers was inadvertent as I was solving a different problem and they just naturally fell into my snare so now I'm whacking 3 problems with one sledgehammer. Currently I just get notification of the problem and forward it to the proper assassins and maybe when I'm satisfied there are no false positives in a month or so I'll just let my tools automatically notify those that need to deal with these idiots and take myself out of the loop.

Just makes me smile seeing their AdSense accounts vaporize cause at a minimum I know it cost them their last months earnings by simply attacking my server to further their own greedy needs.

OK, I'm easy, what can I say ;)

I wonder how many people

I wonder how many people that protest Splogfighters efforts are actually sploggers themselves?

The "either they are for us or against us" route ? Come on Bill you can do better then that... can't you ?

This is not the first nutter

This is not the first nutter like that I see. Wasted time and effort. And yea I am a splogger.



I think if you look into the many ways splogs have ruined things for us all you would agree with incredibill, he is correct.

Speak for yourself, splogs

Speak for yourself, splogs have not ruined anything for me.

“If a problem cannot be

“If a problem cannot be solved, enlarge it.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

via Nivi


Google needs to fix their broken search engine not us, during and before the Jagger updates I saw many examples of collateral damage. Now splogs are seen for exactly what they are, trash and if Bill and anyone else wants to expose entire networks of garbage it will be good for us all in the end. Think about all the great domain names ruined by these lamers, hows that for 1 example?

Come on Webprofessor, you do not need to defend dying Splog Nation and you will be much better off without it.


You're too easy letting me get a rise out of you with that rhetorical musing ;)

FWIW, I used to work on the leading email product back in the early 90s and even email spam could've been stopped with a solution similar to SPF way back then but it wasn't perceived as a big enough issue to deal with at the time, and adoption by the community at large outside of our product line was still an issue. Left uncontrolled USENET was completely destroyed by these idiots. 15 years later, in retrospect, I'll bet those that bucked proposals to stop email spam wished they hadn't been complacent now.

Likewise, sitting on the sidelines and watching scrapers, sploggers, referer spammers, etc. run wild without stopping them yet again could finish burying the rest of the internet as we know it just like the email spammers did USENET and we'll be begging for INTERNET 2.0 from the ground up with controls built in to stop this as the WEB 2.0 will be useless.

See, that's how it happened the first time, USENET run over by spammers so they fled to the FORUMS and BLOGS. It was inevitable that the spammers followed and then with things like AdSense and Affiliate programs as incentives started not only link bombing others sites but generating their own crap sites as well.

Wait until one of them figures out how to automatically infiltrate MySpace, FlickR, etc. and completely wreck the place, it's inevitable.

I'm defending the old notion

I'm defending the old notion of minding your own business and splogs clearly are not my business.


Pollution is everyone's business.

oh please.. publishing crap

oh please.. publishing crap in a grab for money is nothing new. If you want to go after people who publish crap why don't you try going after something that actually affects people in a negative way. For instance the dipshits that cloak porn for unrelated terms, or the A-holes that publish made up information about health issues..

or would you rather blather on about something you can't do anything about, that is easy to spot, and doesn't affect anyones life in a way thats measurable?

Way of looking at it, nobody is 100% correct.

I am a general. ;)

Webprofessor - You know I like you and read your blog often, but it really is just a way of looking at things here. Your way is just to ignore this stuff while others who believe they have been hit in the past from Google's over reaction to content spam are a little pissed off.

I am somewhere in the middle, I got hit then I figured out a way to get myself out of website purgatory but all my previous stuff was hosed. So yeah, I get a kick out of lamers getting tossed in the trash. :)

Not True

doesn't affect anyones life in a way thats measurable?

Did you note the splogs were all AdSense splogs?

It does affect anyone's life that earns a living using the AdSense content network as much as click frauders IMO. The idiot sploggers cranking out thousands of sites just to game AdSense can seriously taint the opinions of the advertisers using the content network to the point AdWords advertisers pull their ads out altogether and ruin it for the rest of us.

That's why Splogfighter is a righteous dude helping keep Webmaster Welfare safe for the rest of our lazy asses.

Hard to side with someone

Hard to side with someone who wants to perform a morale crusade on behalf of a billion-dollar company - who themselves doesn't think it enough of a problem to act directly themselves.


I'm too busy already with scrapers, can't take on everyone!

seobuzzbox has it right, it's pollution

and pollution is everybody's problem. that laissez-faire attitude I see all over the place here is exactly why so much of America is just a giant cesspool of smog and toxic chemicals.

It would be nice to see Google clean this up all by themselves but Google can't do everything.

I applaud the effort. Anyone who has to stoop to splogging, etc. to make a living doesn't have very high standards for themselves or anybody else. And their opinion not much to be reckoned with.

Can't believe the beating IncrediBILL has taken from some of you nincompoops. Automated spam routines are neither clever nor amusing. At least be inventive if you want to game the engines, i.e. advanced cloaking à la fantomaster or super sophisticated link networks.

On the other hand automatically deepsixing the revenue stream of those who sent out these nuisances is more than a little droll.

Bravo IncrediBILL.


Good point there about Google Brian but if you watched splogs during and after Jagger they did in fact weaken them greatly. If you paid attention to a post Matt Cutts made about "his dream" there was one spammer left (oilman hehe) and he hit the delete key ...

Hey, I've nothing against

Hey, I've nothing against Bill - he's dealing with issues that directly affect his work and business.

But this:

if you watched splogs during and after Jagger they did in fact weaken them greatly

Point is it's been a long-time rant of Aaron Wall's that Google are directly funding these ventures through AdSense.

So long as Google seem to feel they're making money from it, they don't seem too concerned.

The pollution metaphor isn't

The pollution metaphor isn't holding water for me.

Please speak in terms of why its a business issue if you want me to give a shit. At least Bill's statement, about it reducing the trust level of advertisors, makes sense even if I disagree with it.

// added.. and Buzzes indirect point about it boxing out the legitimate new sites makes sense as well

Google can't stop it

Google isn't the end-all-be-all of where splogs get attention, Yahoo and MSN are also targets just not as profitable obviously. Besides, when you look at the odds of the SEs that employee thousands working to thwart the theoretical spamming efforts of millions (billions?) that use the internet it's pretty staggering odds.

Where will these idiots turn when the SEs have effectively blocked them all?

You got it, we'll be spending all day killing the junkmail barrage foisted onto our blogs and forums, more so than we currently do, as they desperately try to get visitors to their sites. Forget moderating comments, you won't be able to sift thru the hundreds you'll get an hour.

Besides, if you don't think the automation is getting better, I was blown away by the best scraper I've ever seen last night so I wouldn't be surprised to see similar trends of sophisticated automation heading toward online communities.

When one door is closed they just kick down another and keep going.

>> makes sense even if I disagree with it.

You never agree with me, are we married?

I already got one wife Bill

I already got one wife Bill I don't need another. ;-p

Google's Job

This is Google's war, not ours. Although it is commendable to go out of your way to fight for the bottom line of a billion dollar company, it doesn't seem to bother Google too much that these sites are popping up everywhere. For a company that can actively spider and index 8 billion some odd pages, determine ad relevancy on the fly, and pick apart link networks, doesn't it seem a little odd to you that they can't figure out an Adsense account using 5,000 blogspot domains? If Google didn't want these sites, they'd eliminate them.

These sites do hurt legitimate publishers. But it's business, and no one is holding a gun to our heads to run Adsense. Over time we'll have competition, and Google will be forced to make sure that good publishers are taken care of.

I just don't see this as a big problem. I've always been one to leave other people alone. I don't report sites and I will simply block out sites I don't want my ads appearing on. It's a noble fight I guess, but are there not other issues on the Internet that could benefit from hours of programming? Why not build some tools to take out child porn sites or predators patrolling Myspace?

Google Does Eliminate Them

Don't know if you checked but many of the sites that I spot checked from Splogfighters list have already been whacked. Just like Google whacked a ton of Russian cloaker sites I reported that had my scraped content in their cloaked pages, but Yahoo and MSN weren't so responsive at all.

I reported them primarily to cover MY ass, not the billion dollar company because it was MY content and keywords the scrapers were trying to leverage.

You may say it's none of your business until it happens to you and by then it just may be too late once the genie is out of the bottle.

I prefer to stay on top of it and as a result my traffic and income are up, go figure.

Likewise, the more sploggers leeching the system get clobbered the more income there is for the rest of the legit publisher, again, go figure.


"less mess on the net", "Pollution is everyone's business."

What are you guys thinking? Google is *not* the internet. The internet is not slowed down, or cluttered up by 7000 or 7 million additional junk sites. The idea that these sites are somehow pollution would be laughable except that it attempts to allign the truly horrible with the absurd.

As it has been said before - if this was a concern for Google they could very easily fix it.

evidence of not trying to kill these things off...

Do you have any evidence, Brian, that Google is in collusion with sploggers and spam adsense sites...or even any evidence to suggest that they are not trying to kill them off?

As far as I know dozens of AdSense accounts are yanked every day. If somebody (IncrediBILL) can create a mechanism to fast track these accounts to the graveyard, this particular hack might just stop being profitable. I suspect Google is grateful for the help they get with this struggle.

Google is a relatively puny entity in comparison to the entire internet of which it is supposed to keep track and keep functioning (by virtue of being the world's preferred search engines). Google servers and engineers are dealing with billions of pages every weak and hundreds of millions of customers every day.

If anyone has concrete information about Google turning a blind eye and giving a wink to spammers, now's the time to share it and put a clamp on those tired and envious billion dollar company mutterings.

Your right the mere fact

Your right the mere fact that they don't investigate the accounts they hand out or check them for quality or duplicate content with their own search engine doesn't suggest anything.

The fact that reported spam sites and sites in violation of the TOS are not acted upon and booted doesn't mean anything either.

And lest we not forget that despite the ability to:
- filter porn
- index video
- translate many of the worlds languages
- index billions of pages and sort them
- hundreds if not thousands of PHd's working for them
- track millions of monetary transactions via Adsense in near real time

They have never been able to perform a simple query ( on their own search engine I might add ) for "click my ads" "support" and find accounts violating their TOS.

I guess they never thought of it. Lets do it for them until then.

Sploggers are publishers

Sploggers are publishers too.

They add value to the index (after all the engines all fight to to see who has the biggest one) and to the bottom line in profits all around.

If a splogger is ranking for red widgets than you can damn well bet the splog will show ads for red widgets, and this is a problem for who?

Come on

Do you have any evidence, Brian, that Google is in collusion with sploggers and spam adsense sites...or even any evidence to suggest that they are not trying to kill them off?

I think there is plenty of evidence that they are not trying to kill them off. Then again, maybe I'm giving Google too much credit. I just consider a billion dollar company stocked with Stanford PHDs and some of the best tech minds in the world would be able to come up with some simple solutions. I mean Matt Cutts says they can spot 6-way link exchanges, but they can't find sites violating TOS?

Why do they not have a way to filter out sites that blatantly write things like "Click these ads"? I can pull up thousands in minutes and pick them off one by one.

Why can they not figure out that a person running 4000 blogspot domains is probably up to something fishy? Why can't they raise a flag when ads start showing on los-angeles-mesothilioma-attorney-lawyer-mortgage-real-estate-debt-consolidation.info?

This whole "we can automate everything" just isn't working. There is no reason a billion dollar company can't hire 20 people to sit in a room and actively pick out these sites without receiving complaints first. There is no reason that better flags shouldn't be in place for these sites. There is no reason that random reviews of sites should not take place.

So yes, as long as I see these things happening consistently, I feel that Google doesn't care. I refuse to believe that a company like Google can't create the technology to stop this.

Do you have any evidence,

Do you have any evidence, Brian, that Google is in collusion with sploggers and spam adsense sites...or even any evidence to suggest that they are not trying to kill them off?

Watch for your site being scraped and Adsense being pasted on it - send a feedback report detailing abuse - then watch as the AdSense team tell you to post a DMCA to Google if you think the site is in violation of its TOU.

Stanford PHDs

Don't put so much stock in the almighty PHDs as back in the day when I thought a programming career being director of engineerine was cool I worked side by side with a few of them and they seem to be narrowly focused on their realm of expertise.

Real world events don't seem to sway them as much as the theories and formulas which are bouncing around in their noodle and it takes some putz with his feet anchored on the ground to often point out what they are oblivious to seeing.

FWIW, ever hang out with Mensans?

Just because they have the IQs doesn't mean they can identify and deal with real world situations that obviously impact a bunch of people.

My $0.02

why kill it

All google has to do is fix their own algo to catch splogs. By leaving the account in place they can monetize the algo's of Yahoo and MSN who aren't catching them.

Geez, who cares. Gotta love

Geez, who cares. Gotta love self proclaimed internet police.

There's much, much, much worse sites on the web. Spending time getting those offline would be a much better contribution to the internet, and the world, rather than complaining about spam blogs that disappear as quickly as they appear and have no repeat visitors.

The general public don't care about spam blogs because they're unimportant. There's much worse things online, that shouldn't be.

Some people have way too much time on their hands, or perhaps they just like to whine in public so they feel important for 15 minutes...

What you like and don't like

What you like and don't like is another question. There's lots of things that I don't like online but I have no desire to force them offline. On the other hand, garbage sites - spam sites - which prevent me from getting the information I am seeking - those I want to see offline.

It's so easy to make money doing something worthwhile for a real business. I do find very funny the self-righteous deadbeats who do this for a living, justifying themselves in public.

don't be shy ronsard, you

don't be shy ronsard, you went halfway, now man up and say it.

which self rightous deadbeat are you talking about ?

The only people I see here are those who think it is stupid to persue this activity.

Gaming the system

Heck I'm all about gaming the system if I can make a few bucks with some fake zombie mad libs blogs I'm all over it.

too easy

If nothing else, this person has demonstrated how easy it is to succeed with AdSense (and now we'll talk about how easy it is to deal with him as well).

He's obviously spidered a bunch o' blogger sites, and is now data mining the js for AdSense codes with which he can use to relate sites. He even admits that the obfuscators have made things a bit difficult.

If I can generate thousands of blogger blogs I can generate thousands more. If he has been spidering them, his bots are a P.I.T.A. for Google as well. Let's guess the answer to this question: who will Google block first, me who autogenerates tens of thousands of blogs via zombies and proxies, or he who spiders everything from his own IPs looking for attention-getting fodder for his own blog?

Rather than wait for Google to do anything, how about I just auto-update my blogger sites with a diferent AdSense code every once in a while? It's easier than creating new ones with all that captcha stuff and all those spam detectors looking for blog generators. Better yet, why not just make that publisher ID thing dynamic, with every 4th or 5th one copied from some unsuspecting webmaster's legitimate AdSense site? Surely the costs of checking this guys spam reports will outweight the value of killing off his reported networks.

I am not a spammer, and I don't play one on TV. But I prefer to call a spade a spade and avoid wasting undeserved attention on unclever link bait.

Hey incrediBill I've been wondering for a while what your site(s) are, if only for the curiosity factor (I would love to test some scraper code on it :-) I think I've got it... can you tell me what city you're in so I can confirm ;-)

John John John

Rotating unsuspecting AdSense code is about the most wicked idea I've heard of yet but it might work, you never know, and the AdSense team just might shoot first and ask questions later in this instance, nasty.

Guess I wasn't thinking about it when I started this thread but why they pick on Blogger of all things if kind of obvious in that blogger has navigation on all the pages for NEXT and PREVIOUS blogs, plus search, so new sites get traffic right away. Therefore, this probably isn't even a play for getting in the search engines, except BLOG SEARCH, but more likely just an attempt to siphon off a fraction of the volume hopping between blogs every day.

Of course that would annoy your avergae joe if he was rummaging thru blogger sites having a nice read and started hitting 7K identical splogs mixed up in that mess.

>> I am not a spammer, and I don't play one on TV.

LOL ... and NO, you may NOT test a scraper on my sites! So much for seeing if you wanted to be on the PHP team building the project with THAT 'tude ;)

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