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BBC report about a M$ gizmo to literably stamp out spam. It is a floor pad with 6 sensors, and it acts like an extra mouse. Looks like fun and a good idea, not sure that I am ready to buy one yet though. Anybody for a dance?

One of the most popular manoeuvres is the double-foot stamp used to delete junk mail.

Mr Meyers said getting users standing up and using the mat interface gives people a break from mouse and keyboard and could help limit the spread of repetitive strain injuries.

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If this thing is real, one

If this thing is real, I can see that it might be useful for certain users. But one would hope that the user doesn't have anything about like ... oh, a large dog that likes to hang around. <grin>


OK...The title of this reminded me of a story..

One of the ladies I used to work with taught sunday school. She was looking for games 4 year olds could play and she found one called "Stamp Out Satan" in which the children stomped on red balloons and said "OUT SATAN." I had to hold back laughter when she told me about it...she thought the game was a wonderful idea.

(Yes. I live in the Bible Beating South.)


For the disabled I can see a use for this, other than that, I think it's a silly idea. Can anyone actually picture themselves using this in the office? Seems extremely inefficient and I would feel ridiculous.

Effeciency isn't the point

Effeciency isn't the point of course. It's for slimming down chicken boners in their trailers.


Isn't this retarded.

Hate to be

Hate to be in the office underneath the people that get these.

It'll never fly. It was stupid when Nintendo did it too.

my office would look like a

my office would look like a bunch of dancing bears


I got something very like that for christmas a couple of years ago. Its really good fun with a few beers inside you trying to follow the dance steps to "Barbie Girl". Even funnier when you get your dad doing it.

Although I have my doubts whether you can give a serious SEO consultation while on the phone to a client with it. How do you 'view source' exactly?

Okay. I can imagine that

Okay. I can imagine that there may be people for whom it would be helpful. I can't imagine the usage sequene, though: stop what you're doing, walk over to the "rug", manipulate it, then sit down again.

It's not as if you could slide it under your desk, either; what happens when stretching out your legs means inadvertently hitting one of the "buttons"?

Okay; I'll admit it ... I didn't read about how it works. Yes; all this yack from me without reading it.

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