Blackberry Forks Over 612.5 Million in Patent Settlement


The high profile patent infringement lawsuit filed by NTP against RIM, the makers of Blackberry, has finally been settled, with RIM handing over $612.5 million. explains the significance:

Under the deal, Research in Motion Ltd., the Canadian company that pioneered the BlackBerry service, will license technology to keep it in business and allow it to transmit e-mail that government, emergency services and much of professional Washington have come to rely upon.

The case attracted the close scrutiny of business and government leaders, many of whom walk down K Street or Wall Street tapping the palm-size devices. The case also took on special significance to inventors and big businesses, who viewed it as a test of the patent system in the digital age.

In addition to the impact in the mobile market -- Blackberry's stock is up about 19% in extended trade, with Palm down about 4% -- this also raises further questions about the patent process in the United States. From

Some experts have also argued that injunctions are too blunt an instrument to be used in the case of intellectual property disputes like this, since they can destroy a successful service built up by a company like RIM.

The BlackBerry case “serves as another reminder of the precarious state of intellectual property law in the US,” said Roger McNamee, a Silicon Valley financier.


bit late with that story :)

bit late with that story :)

to derail or not to derail that is the question.....

yup, although i thought it might be something people would be interested in, perhaps in how it relates to mobile marketing, as well as the ongoing intellectual property stuff. plus on the web there are still conversations going on and developing about it, so i figured it wasnt too late.

i think people have gotten accustomed to getting breaking news here, as when it was nick's place he was on the ball pretty much full time and hence could catch and post when it happens. i generally mark stuff as TW when i see it, and then post later when i get a few minutes, the rationale being that the conversation can happen here anyway. personally the value i've gotten out of TW has a lot less to do with news and a lot more to do with conversation. although i'd be interested in hearing what people want out of TW, there have been a good amount of complaints recently (here, for instance) which i dont mind as they serve to bring attention to potential problems, although if there are any solutions, i for one would like to explore those.

IMHO would be cool if we can be organized about the bitching and keep it in the thread above, perhaps that thread can be the official YASSTCIDT?

anyway just my two cents. :)


I see alot more value in a late news item of interest than a comment that it was old. Might just be me, though.

heh, my comment was not

heh, my comment was not meant to be of value John. Sorry for disturbing the status quo.

no worries

heh, my comment was not meant to be of value John. Sorry for disturbing the status quo.

Hey no worries. It's an open site.. comment all you like. I just added mine with that spirit in mind.

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