MSN Stops Search Results at Page 25


I was doing a search at MSN today and discovered they do not give results past number 250. If you want to see what I mean try a search and keep clicking until you reach the 25th page... now every time you try to go past that point you will get page 25 reloaded even though the code shows you trying to return results starting at higher numbers.

The result for Page 25 is:

and the code to note is here: srch_type=0&first=241

but when you try clicking on the page 29 link you get the same page but the code shows:
with the first equalling 281...

Interesting glitch.



Yeah, interesting, the numbers are there but the pages are not.

There's Probably a Cap on How Many SERPs are Shown?

Google and MSN both have caps on how many results you can retrieve, its just that MSN's are far more limited. The logic is, if you cant find it within the first X amount of pages, than the rest of the sites they returned are probably not relevent either. Additionally, its not worth the time and energy to process and present to the user 10,154,234 listing found.

I think it makes sense to me, but I've noticed that MSN changes around how many pages we can get from time to time.


What happens when you want to find your own listing as far back as it may be?

It has always

been that way for as long as I can remember. Google and Yahoo have limitations too - just larger ones.

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