Jeff Dean Webcast


Jeff of Google gives a presentation here:


Some more words to make my post have more than 10 words :-)


Jeff Dean is ?

Who's that ?
What is he talking about ?
When was the speech ?
Why's he important ?
Where was this presented at ?

I am in a no video zone :(

>>Who's that

>>Who's that ?

>>What is he talking about ?

Google from the ground up, their DC's, word clustering, heirarchies etc. eg a search of cooking returns cuisine in word cluster. You see a lot of slids for searches and how they rank relationships between words.

>>When was the speech ?

Dont know

>>Why's he important ?

He is Jeff from google labs, that makes him important :-) He got a phd from stanford.

>>Where was this presented at ?

Dont know, but there are a lot of geeky looking dudes in the audience.

I might have guessed this

I might have guessed this would get out sooner or later :)

>>What is he talking about ?
Its a recruitment drive about how wonderful it is to work at Google and layered with tasty morsels to whet the appetites of young PHDs, intermixed with not so good jokes about rolling hash functions.

>>When was the speech ?
August last year if memory serves me.

>>Why's he important ?
He seems to have been at Google a very long, long time! I get the impression from year dot.

>>Where was this presented at ?

The university where Jeff got his PHD.

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