NBC Spoons iVillage


NBC recently offered $600 million for the iVillage community. I missed a bit of the mainstream coverage, but was glad to see Rob Frankel blog about it:

Brands pay iVillage fees to manage the back ends of offline brands. Is it a good business? Sure. Is it anything like a community? Nah. What you have here is the same old "let's blast our message to a bunch of eyeballs and sell it to whoever is stupid enough to fall for it" mentality. You've got iVillage selling and NBC buying.

And NBC is eating it up with a knife and fork

What makes iVillage worth more than About.com (~$410 mil) or MySpace (~$580 mil)?


The other two were sold to

The other two were sold to other people, so that makes iVillage worth more to the desperate (NBC?) ...

You missed It?

It was a front page headline, actually, on Adage.com. I'm surprised you're not following it. ;) LOL

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