Web 2.0 CEO's On The Catwalk


"Under the Radar" is a blog and conference about Web 2.0 businesses that are would be up and comers.

The conference they recently held had CEO's pitching their business plans to a panelists of experenced business folks. Everything from the brilliant but decidely not 2.0 ( look ma no AJAX! ) Dogster to the stupidly named Simpy.

In return for sharing their business plans publically the CEO's got the oppurtunity to hear feedback from an impressive list of panelists.

I dunno about you but I prefer to be flogged for my bad ideas privately.

//added: looks like one of the companies got aquired at the meet up.


Who got acquired?

Who got acquired? My guess after looking through all of them is Zoho. Some of those sites definitely have a future. Myspace, digg, and photo sites are about to get some comp. That site Riya with the facial recognition software is pretty remarkable.

They are not saying who got

They are not saying who got aquired yet.


Right on, this is the very essence of personal publishing. F*** blogs, skip straight to the dogs. Kids love it, and I bet girls dig it too.

Please, somebody wake me up at web three-ohh

I've seen this locally

An entrepreneur group accepts submissions for private review by esteemed local investors, but only a limited number are "eligible". The rest are solicited for this sort of public event, which is obviously monetized by the organizers. Having lost their chance, they take the second best thing they have going for them - a chance to go public with their ideas and get public critical review.

The cynical 90% of me is reminded of those early morning TV commercials for Invention Service Corporations, where you can pay them to listen to your ideas and refer you to afiliated paralegal firms.

hey claus... I almost lost it when I saw the affiliate links to pet healthcare cards..... probably more lucrative than dental plans!

lucrative petting

Well, there's more ways than one to slice that cake obviously. Where I live a paper-based dog magazine has just been launched, so it seems some people trust dogs, even when it comes to finances... I'm sure that pet healthcare and pet dentistry are pretty lucrative industries. Heck, there are even pet cementaries, afaik.

Back on topic, isn't this something like what happened back in the pre Bubble1.0 days... what was it's name now? ... ahh, I found it: First Tuesday

It seems it has changed a little (no wonder) but there are some wonderful BS Bingo phrases there

encouraging and supporting the creation of knowledge where business intersects policy, technology and innovation.

Deep, man. Deep. I'll take three of those. Peace.

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