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Not sure if there is much of anything impressive about it, but Microsoft has a new Live Search offering.

It seems like it sorta sticks everything in a limited ajaxy iframe of sorts. It doesn't gel right, especially when their are ads on the right column...makes the navigation seem clunky where they were trying hard to make it smooth.


drowning in a sea of plush

It sort of reminds me of something Detroit was making in the late seventies -- lots of soft upholstery and chrome for the sake of having it.


The idea of pageless SERPs is interesting, but the execution here IS clunky -- as you said, Aaron.

Plus, it doesn't want to work in Safari at all...... sheesh.

My take... sucks.

>>soft upholstery and

>>soft upholstery and chrome

And real simulated wood grain.

It does not work with Omniweb browser. I looked at it in Camino and it does not seem all that special to me. Actually kind of annoying in the same way the new Snap is annoying. Maybe because I have to think about how it works. While I agree the "MSN" brand has problems "Windows Live Search" sucks as a brand IMO. What happened to Seems like MS is diluting their brand instead of focusing.

I like it!

I like it!

but many have said I have no taste. Just look at my noddy car

I like it too!

In fact, I'm crazy about it. Yeah, it needs some tweaking (it is in beta), but I think it rocks!

I think it sucks

I think it sucks

Good luck running ranking reports

Good luck running ranking reports off of it if this is integrated to
You'd probably have to suck in the rss version to do so. (Which is probably what the ajax is calling). ~ I'll be looking into that.

As far as layout and usuability... I realy like it. Smooth in FF. I've always hated the click to page 2 for results, that's so 1997...

Who needs page 2 when you use the mouse scroller, I didn't even know how many results I went down before I figured out it was endless :D. Then I was damnnn that owns.

No results...

...for foreign searches???

I presume that was a glitch {covers ears and starts to sing loudly...}

glitch No doubt that needs


No doubt that needs rectified Wit. You gotta get onboard w the English language. ;)

I've always hated the click to page 2 for results

But I hate the idea of additional scrolling to view each 2.5 listing that fits in this arbitrary box they put on my screen.

Is that their way around their need for a relevant index? Just let me scroll forever?

I like it - nice use of AJAX

also, i'm not seeing any ads?


You can use PgUp and PgDown as well as arrow keys in Firefox. It goes to 250 results.

I like that - too much ajaxy stuff is keyboard hostile.

more ad impressions... more oppty to optimize ad serving

Hmmm... the ads change as you scroll, in proportion to your vertical mileage.

The ad update is distracting (iow, attention-getting). I also note the neutral vertical scroller... the base position is centered, so once you scroll you have no "sense" of where you are relative to the top or bottom of the serp (I had to look for the digital counter).

Seems like an ingenious way to try and provide search results that are not sorted by relevance, without admitting you can't tell a relevant result from any other.

i dont like how it breaks

i dont like how it breaks the back butoon. that always irritates the hell out of me

Find macros?

I don't understand the "Find Macros" option at all. It's the downward-pointing arrow to the left of "Feeds" in the top bar.

In Firefox, I get an annoying blank search page, and I even have to wait for it, while in IE I get sent to this page:

I bet most people would just assume it was some error and close their browser window - but I felt experimental so I clicked on one of those odd-looking thingies ("gadgets" ?) with no real explanation.

Upon clicking I get returned to the search page where some weird seach is performed, and I get a message on yellow background asking me to "install" something.

Mind-boggling... what the f*** is going on? What is this? What am I supposed to do with it? And what do I need to install? Why do I need to install? Is this some kind of ActiveX control? What are the security risks? Does it make my system crash, my vids black/white or my mp3's mono? Something else? Of course I didn't want to click to find out.


Hey, if I have to install something you (MS) better explain it to me a whole lot better than that. Try eg. using a few words first. Those are often good when you want to explain something.

Can't comment

Be it FF, IE tab or just vanilla IE6, cannot get the bloody thing to work, just won't fully load, even after accepting ActiveX prompts in IE. Doesn't like firewalls mixed with local proxies? Who knows, now don't care.

Sorry, not a quality post, but, really, this sort of shit should work slightly better than this, shirley.

Irrelevant results and clunky

That "forever scrolling" thing is really annoying. It scrolls slow, it's too small of a viewing window, and you can't use find-on-page functions to quickly find particular words, text, or sites in the search results unless you've already scrolled down to them. Very bad design as far as I'm concerned.

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