Firefox To Get Phishing Shield, Courtesy of Google

8 comments has a piece on a security feature planned for FF later this year. A statement by Mozilla's Mike Shaver says that they are working with Google on a tool to protect surfers. The two working together is as interesting as the product.

While Firefox 2 will get a phishing shield, no decision has been made on how it will be incorporated in Firefox, Shaver said. "Google, like others who contribute to the project, has contributed code and expertise for us to experiment with," he said. "We haven't committed to a given approach, a given technology or a given partner."

Google has close ties to Firefox. A year ago, the Mountain View, Calif.-based search engine giant hired Ben Goodger, a lead engineer on the open-source Web browser. Firefox is also part of the Google Pack, a bundle of Google's own and third-party applications. The search company could not be immediately reached for comment.


That's good news

That's good news, especially because IE7 already has one built in.

no decision has been made ...

So, MS is not alone in announcing features as a premptive move on markets.

I'm using IE7 right now

I'm using IE7 right now and it's got a phishing filter on it.

Well, ask yourself...

Well, ask yourself...

If Google should decide if some web page is "phishing" or not, what would that require, as an absolute minimum? Right. Google would need to know what page your browser was displaying.

Also, I think Google should get a grip on a certain 302 exploit, as well as other ways to manipulate their own SERPS before trying to save the world like that. They obviously still have some instances where they don't even know which sites are really in their own index, and other instances where their SERPS can be manipulated in quite creative ways.

( Example ADDED: No longer an example - it seems it has been fixed)

WTF is a phishing shield

How do you stop numbnuts from giving their personal info away to emails?


hey claus that site example is gone... looking fine now. I am assuming that was a framing trick? Any news?

Yeah it seems it's fixed now

Yeah it seems it's fixed now - when I checked a few days ago it wasn't phentermine but some other word that sounded medical as well. Don't know what really happened there, as I don't have a Google IP to play with :-)

It could have been a Movable Type exploit perhaps. Dunno, I guess it's possible...

Also, I think Google should get a grip on a certain 302 exploit,

actually, they should just get a grip ... on reality.

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