Yahoo! Shopping Paid Syndication Program Beta


Great news for Domainers and Site Parkers.

A new Yahoo! Shopping API tool allows us to create a whole new breed of parking pages or to build content on to your product related sites...

Instead of done to death PPC feeds or Adsense blocks, we can now build full featured shopping comparision sites for specific products or categories. Sites which include thousands of specific and related products, pictures, product reviews, merchant reviews, price sorting and anything else you'd find at Yahoo! Shopping. This API has actually existed for a while, but finally we will be able to have a revenue share on the clicks sent to these merchants.

It remains to be seen what the earnings per click will be. Likely less than the current EPCs on parked domains. Shopping clicks are a fixed rate of .25 to $1, so we won't get the juicy $5+ clicks. But because we can easily build out a full featured site and hopefully get them nicely indexed, we should be able to drive a lot more traffic to theses domains and generate some significant revenue. As well as some targetted clicks for the merchants. Win - Win, WooHoo!

I am very excited to help roll out this new monetization scheme for domainers and other web publishers. Kudos to Yahoo! for being the first out of the gate with a great offering. Pricegrabber has something similiar but too restrictive, Chikita Minimalls has something too but on a much smaller scale. Anything else out there I don't know about?

Sign up for the Beta Launch Here, or hassle your YSM Rep to get you in early.