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My plane takes off in a couple hours and I still have not are some cool links Streamline and a few others sent me recently:



you have a long memory :)

go already

Have fun this weekend.... and don't sweat it KidMercury will blog a bunch while you are gone ....

Curious about the Mozilla

Curious about the Mozilla revenues - is this entirely from paid search ads, or is user data being sold to Google?

Always been curious about the close Mozilla - Google relationship, especially considering Google's love of data, and Firefox's potential huge store of it.

what I read

I read that $72 million was from redirecting to Google's choice when the user entered a malformed URL on the location bar. That would be a commission on affiliate income, in a sense.

You are right on about that Google/Mozilla "closeness". Sure FF started as a tool to free the masses from the clutches of IE, but once Google offers them $72 million per year to redirect malformed queries to paid sponsors.... where's the benevolence?

Case in point:

I open FF and type in not a website but "weather report 98104" and I expect either a "no website" error or a redirect to or perhaps I can see past the affiliate revenue of provided it is a landing page for my zip code's weather. In that case FF is "helping me" and that's cool.

What I got was a real estate website for the non-specific Pacific Northwest, framing the NOAA website for weather in my area, with all data fields empty (NO DATA) and broken image links. The "real estate site" was nothing more than a header (which included a banner) and a left sidebar of links to various Pacific Northwest realty stuff. I did not check to see if they were aff links.

Did FireFox serve me, or cash in on my mis-use of the URL bar, by sending me to a poorly-executed spammy site with the help of Google (in exchange for $72 million per year)?

Give the huge success of that program, who can predict how else Mozilla (the for-profit entity) might monetize my use of Firefox next year?

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