Coming Soon....Amazon vs. Apple

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In addition to speculation that Amazon will enter the digital music market this summer, it now appears that they are considering selling digital downloads of movies. The New York Times reports (registration required): is in talks with three Hollywood studios about starting a service that would allow consumers to download movies and TV shows for a fee and burn them onto DVD's, according to three people briefed on the discussions.

It's worth noting that Amazon owns, which received over 15 million visitors last month.



Hope so

Someone needs to compete with Apple in media downloads, they charge way too much for the little you get. 70p a song? $2 an episode? With that you get no extras and media formatted for the tiny iPod screen resolution. Half the price would be more like it.

Also has anyone wondered why the mac mini looks like something you wouldn't mind under your TV but they don't exactly go out of their way to make it compete with the tivo or media center?

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