Weird Blog Spam Tactics

Ben Hammersley is talking about some comment spam he's been getting. My friend Mivox told me about this a few weeks back.

Name addresses like that dont reslove to any site.

It’s not a real person, I’m sure of that, and they’re not grasping for Google-juice yet, as there is no site at the end of the link. Looking like people is a cunning move, as it prevents generic term blacklisting, and will get through the less than attentive. Leaving a site unresolved is perhaps even more cunning, as it prevents URL-following filtering, and allows the spammer time to work out which of the URLs they have been propagating has been the most successful. Do that, and then fill it with content just before a Googledance, and you’ve got a month or so of fine pagerank to play with. Clever, really.

Anyone have any theories on that?


Spelling may not be their strong point ...

Sure it's not just a typo? I mean these email spammers can't even spell 'viagra' correctly. ;)