Shak Resigns as Moderator at WMW

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PPC and Online Advertising Guru Shak resigns at WMW
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What can I say? It's sad to yet another very good friend leave the community where so many relationships have be formed over the years.

Neither Google, WebmasterWorld or I am the same as we were a few years back. change is guaranteed and is a good thing (imo)

Knowing Shak, I'm certain that was the right thing to do. Maybe he'll find a new home here at TW? :)

Stay in touch will ya?!


A seriously savage loss to WMW

It's a massive loss to WMW though I am sure Shak will continue and thrive. I for one thank him and look forward to having a cuppa with him in (as he calls it) B***ia (from someone in 'nam!)

Nice Catch!

Wow, they're dropping like flies over there aren't they?

Shaks registered here, though we've not seen much of him in the last few weeks...

Where are ya Shak, get on in here and tell us what you're going to be spending all that free time on...

Big Loss

A huge loss to WMW, he will be missed.

*Raises glass to Shak*

New Ecommerce mod

Lorax has just been appointed as the moderator for the Ecommerce forum: looks like the changing of the guard...

Shak leaving is a sad day: he was a valuable source and a great mod.

Don't be a stranger

be sure to stick around Shak - won't be the same without you at wmw but I want to still see you stirrin it up online :)

What will he be up to?

Making money; no doubt. :)

Shak is an institution - class act. What I've learnt from him would fill volumes.

eh, what ...

something about guruS and flieS falling ?

suppose it's another chapter for the BOOK 1 day.


Not a thank you

You know, Shak. As much work as you have done for Tabke, I can't believe he didn't give you a public 'thank you'.

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