15 Year Old Games Google News


Philipp has the story on how a 15 year old used a press release service to make it look like he was hired at google. I guess you can have the news say whatever you want these days;)

Apparently, you can get anything into Google News to make it look official by simply submitting a free press release with I-Newswire (I didn’t try to reproduce this myself). This press release hoax appeared in Google News:

“15 year old student, Tom Vendetta has been hired by search engine giant Google Inc. The student will receive a lowered salary, which will be placed into a bank account for future education, said Google CEO Larry Page.”

According to the press release (which contained a few speling error’s), Tom now works on Gmail security. In the meantime, Tom confessed.

Google better give Tom a job soon before he finds out what SEO is;)