500,000 personal computers sold by two vendors *per week*


In reporting on the latest glitch suffered by the Motorola Razr flip phone, TechNewsWorld cites Motorola sales data for the Razr phone: 25 million in use, with T-mobile and Cingular ordering 500,000 new devices *each week*. It was launched 20 months ago. According to C|Net, Gartner predicts a billion cell phones in use by 2009, reaching 40% of the world's population. Just imagine the SEO potential...

That's a whole helluvalot of personal computing devices added to the world each week. With screens, keypads, voice input, audio and often multimedia capabilities... how long before we start "utilizing" all that consumer touch potential for online marketing beyond the browser? Not the obvious microbrowser/SMS/streaming applications already in development, but the more interesting SEO stuff like click thru inducement, usage tracking, zombie-network-building, viral stuff, and perhaps most importantly, search? Seems like a huge demand for phone-based search starting at least with phone numbers/SMS/geo-location stuff.

Any hard numbers out there? Any real good attempts yet? I know ringtones are hot, but can they get that hot?



That's why Macromedia has been making such a push to get developers to play with Flash for cell phones for sometime now - earlier than I remember other companies on that ball. Now that Adobe acquired them, I'm not sure if there'll be any shift in strategy. They seem to be betting the farm on the future of video & mobile content.

It's still such an infant though - cell phone content - and with most txt entry being such a long process, even with the most nible-fingered, the growing pains of the mobile market will be plenty. I think Pull will be the standard, not push, a mistake some marketers have already seen.

Local Search

Local search conference in Vegas was all about this. Ask will be using gps to sell ad's based on where a user is located. So a resteruant for instance it will bid on say 8 blocks around the whitehouse, so when ever a user searches for food and they are in those 8 blocks a PPC ad shows up at the top of the cell phone for the restruant.

Best part... real users might not even see more results unless they scroll.

Gartner predicts a billion

Gartner predicts a billion cell phones in use by 2009, reaching 40% of the world's population. Just imagine the SEO potential...

A billion people being 40% of the worlds population in 2009 - what are they predicting a nuclear war too?

No silly bird flu

No silly bird flu

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