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What's NickW been up to? Apparently creating a free blog tracking / metrics system. Threadwatch was one of the early beta sites. Its pretty cool stuff. I suggest everyone looking for blog stats give it a try.


early beta site?

Early beta site? So what, no examples? screen shots? c'mon Aaron!

Nicks cool and all but I

Nicks cool and all, but I want to give him my data even less than I'd like to give it to Google.

screen shots? c'mon

screen shots? c'mon Aaron!

I am actually at another conference right now...finding it hard to do everything I want to :( ... although I should have made screenshots before posting.


Oh - that explains why your blogs are pretty much abandoned these days... :-(

As for a third party handling your data - hmm hmm... I do use Statcounter for quick view of what's going on with some of my sites... but other than that if there's a way to keep things to yourself it's better to keep them to yourself, I agree with webprofessor on this one. And it's nothing personal against Nick. I wish him luck with his new tool.

Nick did a little Q/A with

Nick did a little Q/A with me on Performancing Metrics yesterday and there are links to screenshots and feature reviews at OMB

no comment

no comment

Stuntdubl: ... Why should I

Stuntdubl: ... Why should I (or others for that matter) trust you with our important metrics data?

NickW: You shouldn’t. This service isn’t aimed at seo’s. Any SEO that thinks Performancing Metrics will help her do her job needs to go back and start all over again. ...

lol... well Nick put that question to rest

It scares me to see NickW

It scares me to see NickW using the gender stuff like that...what is the world coming to? hehehe

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