Yahoo Search Blog Interviews Andrei Broder (Again)

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The Yahoo Search Blog has posted the next and last part of its interview with Andrei Broder (part II was discussed here). In this one Broder addresses a number of topics, most notably the evolution of search and spam in personalized search.

On the evolution of search:

The second phase, in the late 90s, was about metadata. Hyperlinks, labels, clickthru data, all sorts of metadata of any kind. The structure of the web. But it was still very syntactic in nature, basically matching words against text. There is no understanding of meaning here. The third generation, still in progress, is about text semantics and analysis, where you starting to understand what the queries are about. That’s roughly where the paper stops . And now there are things like Yahoo! Shortcuts, or a lot of the information that is derived from the meaning of the query. Semantic, shortcuts, local search all seems to be taking off. So it seems that the paper was correct in predicting semantic search as the next phase at the time. Of course if I were to expand the paper now, I would write about the fourth phase: information supply.

On the feasibility of spam in a personalized world:

As we go to a more personalized search experience, social aspects of search will play an increasing role. It remains to be seen to what extent this is spamable – It is hard to make robots that behave as humans, it might well be the case that social aspects of search are fairly spam resistant.


Tell that to the guy...

it might well be the case that social aspects of search are fairly spam resistant.

Tell that to the guy with 300 accounts each on, Yahoo (My Web), MySpace, etc. :)

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