Teach Google AdWords


Google, which already uses advertisers to help teach other advertisers, has recently sent out AdWords Seminar Leader applications to Google Advertising Professionals, aimed at recruiting teachers for one day seminars throughout the US. In exchange for teaching Google promises "dedicated Google contact to keep you informed of new product features."


I Got This Letter . . .

But they require you to submit a two minute video speaking on a specific AdWords topic of your choice. Sounds like a lot of effort (it also sounds similar to trying out for "Survivor").

it also sounds similar to

it also sounds similar to trying out for "Survivor"

yeah, but AdWords would make reality television so much more interesting. It is a pretty powerful market position that they could have people teach for them without needing to hire those people as employees.

Did they send the letter to

Did they send the letter to GAP's outside the US? I'm in Canada and never got one.

Apparently, this winter,

Apparently, this winter, Canadians were left in the cold.

Strikes me as a bit arrogant

Might not be such a useful skill in a year.

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