Best.. Adsense Abuse... Ever!


Step 1. Setup a MySpace profile with a pic of a cute teenage girl you found on someone's Flickr photostream

Step 2. Post the following message on thousands of profiles:

Hey Sexy..You have been added.
Can I be part of your top 8?

Can you do me a favor, Please go to my website and click on the links above the words goooogle ads to make sure they work. Sometimes they don't and I need to know when they don't or else I won't get credit.
Thanks Love XOXO

Website is --> [no, it's not porn]

Step 3. PROFIT!!!

Maybe it's just me but this is the most hilarious Adsense abuse I've ever seen. Even funnier because it probably works.

They even put up another photo of the teenage girl (right under "CHEAPEST CAR INSURANCE") on the Adsense page! What effect does THAT have on CTR?

Oh, and for you kind souls who want to donate to "Sheila":

I am Sheila. I have put in lots of days of working on these web pages, especially the car insurance pages. I had to go through numerous phone calls and pricing to get the best car insurances for each state. I wanted those pages created to be the best you can find on the internet. The only problem is, I don't get paid to do it. My only source of income is if people click on the ads, or hopefully people will donate (which they never do) to me to help me out. Well, thanks so much for listening and if you can, just click the PayPal Donate button below. Any amount would be soo greatly appreciated. Thank you again XOXO

- Sheila

Click the PayPal button! XOXO


all I can say is wow !

all I can say is wow !


to a truly worthy cause!

PING it gets better

oh and the about page:

The concept of green hole came from the black hole. The black hole sucks everything in its path, even light. Also, the black hole is a unknown phenomenon that can't be fully understood.

The green hole is when, instead of everything, MONEY is sucked back into your pocket. In other words SAVE MONEY. Also, as the black hole not being fully understood, I will also have a few websites that can provide information for unknown items.

This green hole website was created with a few things in mind.

1.Search for ways to save money
2.Provide information on unknown items
3.I added some "fun" stuff, everything can't be so serious


Just another example of how easy it is for clever people to take advantage of the current system.

I clicked her button...

...couldn't help myself. :P

Sorry MC, only did it once, errr, maybe a few times.

Wonder if she'll call me

I'm going to go ahead and

I'm going to go ahead and let the YPN guys they'll be receiving an application from "Sheila" tomorrow.

Well this is prOn

I found a lil' sumthin' (I will break the link cuz I don't know if you can link BIG units in here?)

Link: http://www. pimpmygoogle. com/ NSFW!!

Disturbing and extremely funny at the same time, for those who love/hate Google, that is... :-0

GW-Added NSFW tag


I... um... wow.

Well. I keep thinking the whole "just ask people for money" thing can't *possibly* work. I keep thinking, people can't *really* be that dumb.

And I keep being wrong.

That is her/his real picture...



Growing frustration?

Thanks for adding the GW-Added NSFW tag? Will that happen automatically if someone posts some questionable stuff or does an admin have to set the tag?

Let me clarify as to why I posted the pimp link. I believe it represents a growing frustration with Google well. That's all! Carry on...

that pimp my google link was

that pimp my google link was foul on every level.

yes, it may end up on the TW

yes, it may end up on the TW comment Hall of Lame


Yep, I agree but would rather talk about your frustrations Andy. Is it ok to challenge one of you without being worried that I will be banned from this place?

in a word - no :-)

in a word - no :-)

I will email ya


pimp your own google

I'm off to wash my eyes out ...

not the best AdSense abuse ever...

that is not the best AdSense abuse ever...because it was outed. The best Adsense abuse ever is quietly earning millions until the class action stuff gets hot enough to boil.

Love it

Thanks for all the links to report, I did just what they said, I clicked the link alright.... " Send Google your thoughts on the ads you just saw", then "Report a violation" then....

Already Banned?

Every page now shows a PSA.
Every AdLink unit runs to a page showing 'no ads could be found'.

These are exactly the types of pages that keep more sophisticated advertisers from using the content network. However, if this page is truly already banned - that shows at least something good from the AdSense team.

Maybe Banned

Could just be suspended, but probably banned.

Go back in a few hours and it should stop showing PSAs and where the ads are will be a blank area or an ACCESS FORBIDDEN message.

Looks like this thread served a purpose, one down ;)


Do you have access to the delete key IncrediBill, NOW you are really starting to scare me dude! ;-0

Remember, a cleaner search gives more area for those of us who are real to play (better shutup, i will lose friends at the same rate as that red guy with the cape and black mask) HA!!!


So there were ads on there before, right? :-]

yes there was a couple of

yes there was a couple of days ago when the ads became PSA's then got removed, the search is still there even though it gives a forbidden error saying the site violates our terms of service so your search could not be completed

outsourcing quality control...
thats pretty bad that the problem is to the level that people want to outsource the AdSense quality control.

probably not as bad as the preteen sex adwords ads
but there you have it

There is still Yahoo! ;-)

The Yahoo! Publisher program will be out of Beta soon (may be), so she can keep the hopes up that new links will become available as replacement or she is might looking for a real job now :). Maybe a job in marketing?!

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