Lycos Shafted by Backbone Providers

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Lycos Screensaver Site Blocked by Internet Backbones
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News just in: Lycos have been told (figuratively speaking) to f**k right off by internet backbone providers:

Some major internet backbones are preventing access to the new Lycos "anti-spam" screensaver web site at This controversial site provides Internet users with the ability to participate in distributed attacks against web sites used by spammers, leaving the spammers with slow connections and high bandwidth costs.

We have been talking about Lycos's DDoS attack scheme and how later it was hacked recently and i must say that im glad to see it failing - what a stupid little stunt...


Serves them right

Their little PR stunt was certainly costing the backbone providers money and slowing things down for real customers, and the backbone providers clearly are not going to put up with silly vigilante actions by a clueless ex-search company clogging up their networks.

Apparently the site has now switched IP addresses and has been taken off-line. Some hasty back-tracking there...


Now says "stay tuned" - that's just taking the £$@!...

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