"Who" is Search-Wise.net? A Prop Search Engine?


A little weekend fun... since I can't be the only one here who is watching the new Doctor Who for a trip down memory lane...

While I have many great memories of watching re-runs of the original Doctor Who curled up next to my Dad, I gotta say, the new Doctor Who is quite entertaining.

One of the updates to the show is that the Rose Tyler character (who thankfully does not a have skeletal figure and resembles the rest of the planet) tries to find out who Doctor Who is by going to a search engine. And what search engine does she choose? Not Google, not Yahoo!, not MSN and not even Ask. She goes to find info on Search-Wise.net

So who is Search-Wise.net? When I did a WhoIs search I found that it is owned by Compuhire a company that is a "specialist prop house supplying computer and video equipment along with other electronic equipment to the Film and Television Industry."

So now we have prop search engines?

BTW: Too bad the actual Search Wise search engine work nothing like the one on the show.


About Search-Wise

Apparently you use them when you don't want to pay (I presume you must) high royalties for using the Google, Yahoo, MSN trademark and are too cheap to design two pages yourself...


This is NOT a real search website!

Owned and operated by Compuhire (Eccentric Trading Company Ltd), this website has been set up for clearance purposes so that it can be used in film and TV productions when scripts require that a search engine is shown in vision.

For more information about Compuhire please visit our web site at www.compuhire.com, for information about other domain names that we operate in this way please go back to the main search engine page and submit a search for anything at all....the results displayed will always be the same and not related in any way to what you were searching for.

It just didn't make sense to me

I couldn't understand why an actual search engine would not be on the show - especially with all the search engine placements I see on shows these days. With all the ads I see for Ask these days you'd think they'd want to be on the show as product placement. Especially since the last time I remember a show mentioning Ask, it was a horrible (yet compelling - since I did watch the whole thing. lol) sunday night CBS movie.


remember we saw the new Dr Who ages ago though... and Ask weren't advertising then :) Its also a BBC production and technically therefore there's no product placement (BBC is paid for by us not by advertising).

There's an inherent danger in showing a genuine product if you're not getting money for it because if by the time the show airs the company shown is bancrupt/in the middle of a scandal/a laughing stock then it makes the show look stupid too....

But I admit when I watched it I was checking whether the domain was registered even as Rose was doing her search. Oh I'm sooooo sad

Oh, now that makes sense

Thanks. I never thought of it that way... Nor did I know that it wasn't a "new" show. No wonder they were already Pre-selling the first season DVD after the first episode. (I had thought well that's a good way of saying that you really believe in a series). The grand old USA always getting the good series late. Now if only they'd start showing my favorite import show: "Lock, Stock..."

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