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NewsGator rakes in VC money, Bloglines stays cool
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I practically live on a diet of Bloglines these days and they still havn't accpeted any VC funding despite many offers.

Newsgator on the other hand, a desktop app rather than web based have just taken their 2nd round of VC $$$'s

The news story linked is a poor excuse for me to open this question up: Have you gone RSS yet?

Personally speaking, it has to be an absolutely stunning site for me to bother with it if it doesnt have a feed these days...


NewsGator does have an Online Capability

Just a small note here, NewsGator does have a free Online capability at as well as the Outlook product. The Online (paid upgrade enables users to set-up Keyword search subscriptions, synchronize between devices, send feeds to a different mail client, and even view RSS via a Media Center Computer on your TV.) But there is plenty of functionality for the Web-based user in the free product.

Nuff Marketing,

And I absolutely agree with your push to get more to embrace RSS.

Dodos and dinosaurs

I feel like the last of the mohicans, as I've still not embraced RSS. I enjoy visiting sites for updates, and the only reason I'd use RSS aggregation is for forums where I'm particularly active, where response time is a plus or something.

I'm also loathe to enable it on the websites I am or have been working on, because of bandwidth concerns, re-requests of stale data (bad behaviour) and so on, which put me off.

hi JohnC

Hey johnC welcome to threadwatch - please introduce yourself :)

Will NewsGator ever run on different platforms John?

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