26 Steps to a Bait and Switch


http://www.searchengineworld.com/misc/guide.htm now redirects to a subscribe page.

Is someone trying to write the book on how to become irrelevant?


I'll take the bait

More about that here


Not sure if you already knew that or not

Didn't do your homework

Search Engine World is gone and anything from http://www.searchengineworld.com goes to that page.

Here's what you were looking for:
Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone - 26 steps to 15k a day.

Not sure about the book on irrelevant, but this is a nice chapter in the book on jumping the gun ;)

Sad to hear our world

Sad to hear our world disappeared.... guess it's time to get another job.... or maybe look for the bizarro search world.... oh wait I am here!




Way to do your research before posting a thread that makes you guys look incredibly immature.

that worked.

troll bait for lurkers from WMW. Hahahahahahaha too funny.


just what i was thinkin' :-)


Though personally, I purrfur Catwoman. :P



You Guys?

MCG321, what do you mean exactly by "you guys"?


Post it enough places?

no comment, hhh

site:www.webmasterworld.com billthecat

Oh Please

Lots of people used Opus names on their servers, silly. Hell, I used to write BBS software in the same timeframe as Tabke and I can guarantee I'm not IncrediBrett.

Also, if Bobo is Brett, why would he post here about WMW being increasingly irrelevant unless he just likes watching all the villagers shake their torches at the mention of this name or site?

I'd imagine

I'd imagine that is Brett on WMW and some other forums. I'm guessing that the individual who created the account here was mocking him by using that name.

actually, i don't think bobo

actually, i don't think bobo is bt. but the cat thing is a weird tie-in, though. look back and you'll find a post where bobo says he's not re-upping for supporters. if that's a double-team between bt and hawkgirl it's a good one.

otoh, i've been known to

otoh, i've been known to pick up a nick or two. some even of inactive members. i might even be incrediBill.


Nice one, you're trying hard but I'm not stressed today, totally psyched about my latest programming efforts, and I used up most of my f-bombs already so you get by unscathed this time.

bill, haven't you noticed

bill, haven't you noticed the similar style? the not-so-delicate turn of a phrase? the uncharacteristically blunt retort? you're a figment, no doubt about it.

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