Welcome Aboard DaveN!


I have been told that Threadwatch could be a bit more spicy. I think DaveN could help make it that. I asked DaveN if he would like to come on as half owner of TW and he said yup. He is going to offer more details on Strike Point tonight, which starts in about 20 minutes (3PM Eastern).


Sounds like good news to me!

Sounds like good news to me!

Just when you thought...

...it was safe etc. etc.

Uh oh...


Congrat's Aaron and Dave!

Looking forward

Nice one Dave and Aaron.

welcome aboard

But, those those dang time zones... don't know what 3PM Eastern is in Central European Time, and they don't even have the current EST time on that website. Nothing to see on the link in OP except last weeks show. Whatever, I'm sure I'll get to hear that show some day, but it's not likely going to be live.

Anyway, welcome to the party Dave :-)

(edited title)

Dave untethered and with a

Dave untethered and with a large audience? Watch out!

There goes...

.... the neighborhood

BTW, change your names to both look similar like AaroN and DaveN ;)




Dave's the maN

Now the Trouble Starts

Let's see how quickly the two of them can get the site completely kicked out of Google!!!!

Kicked out of Google?

On the contrary ... I expect to see this site soon ranking on G for one word kw's including: buy, links, need, cash, sell, suggest, submit, news, story, site, search, recent, posts, email ...


very good to see!

very good to see!

one of the things we are

one of the things we are going to bring to the table is TOOLS and tips ..

its late will post more uk time lol.. but if there are tools you want PM me



Looking forward to lots of spice

great news

Tools rock...great news guys...sounds excellent.

yeah great news :)

yeah great news :)

Must be a relief after

Must be a relief after running all these damn sites on your own Aaron and I'll bet Dave has lots of SEO spice.

Well I think many of the

Well I think many of the editors here have done a great job, but as the number of meme trackers and blogs have continued to increase keeping up with all the web2.0 is more than it makes sense to try to do. I think what makes TW good is the focus on search and the controversy. DaveN is huge in both those departments (and I think he is physically larger than I am, although you wouldn't know it if you saw his icon).


SEOMetrics and Threadwatching for FireFox.

Aaron, thanks for giving DaveN more reason to post here (wow, that could sound really sarcastic... but it's not!); SP just isn't a big enough weekly dose.

Should add some Spice.

Great idea guys!!!

Anyone understand Yorkshire

Anyone understand Yorkshire speak?

An excellent choice! Nice

An excellent choice! Nice one Aaron.

been gentle to Aaron

Dont go upsetting him Dave:)

Have fun boys.



-=Weee naked bull riding!


Congrats Aaron and Dave!

Congrats Aaron and Dave!

SEOMetrics and

SEOMetrics and Threadwatching for FireFox.

Helping spammers succeed !


I'm looking forward to what the two of you can come up with as a team. Should be interesting. :)

Helping spammers succeed

Helping spammers succeed !

Thank WP, that was the finishing touch I was looking for!

anyone else notice

Anyone else otice how the depth of commentary in the threads is inversely proportional to the number of new threads? What does it say about the TW audience...

yeah john i was thinking the

yeah john i was thinking the same thing as well. i havent seen that to the same extent in other communities, which is something i find pretty interesting and peculiar.

>> What does it say about

>> What does it say about the TW audience...

That they can't keep their bloody mouths shot? *LOL*


Did someone say metrics?

Measure this!

*refrains from posting that shocking URL, Matt Cutts is in the house*


Helping (much too many) spammers succeed

Helping spammers succeed !

This will encourage more of potential/fun ones to become real ones...

I guess D Naylor will Have to keep *some* of his knowledge away from the public...

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