Stealthcon - Australian for SEO Conference - AKA: P_b_o_f_r_n_e Down Unda


If you are an Aussiewebmaster and would like to drink beer with some mates here is your chance:

Beer and Talk. No agenda, just an excuse for a get-together.
Friday March 31st March 2006 at 5:00 PM and onwards.
A pub in, or close to, the Melbourne CBD, to be advised.



i wuz supposed to hype this one, aaron.

btw, check your spellin' in the title


you can call this one a pubconference just be sure to spell it out. hhh.

better rc? ;)

better rc? ;)

yeah. as for beating me to

yeah. as for beating me to this, that's ok. woz wasn't paying much anyway.


Why Melbourne Woz?

Why Melboure ?

because it's the most convenient place for those of who live in Melbourne/Victoria

I'm always up for trips around the country if anyone organises something in Sydney, or better still somewhere up north. Melbourne's starting to get cold!! (allthough to be fair today is beautiful)


Sydney for anyone here?

I'd love to get to Melb ... but anyone interested in Sydney for thos that can't make Melb?

Push Buttons

Just call it TabCon, and people will think the Tab part means Tabke opposed to a bar tab and it will hit the fan.


BarTabCon - now were talking..

Yeah how about BarTabCon Bris Vegas - your shout Phil


Sounds like fun.

BarTabCon Bris Vegas :)

Very good. I've not made it to Brisbane yet either.

Allthough if it's costing me $400 to get there it's definately your shout!!

2 words

Jet Star. Have fun fitting in the seats if you're a fat bastard.

Actually I don't think they even fly to Bris.


>Why Melbourne Woz?
Cos that's where I are at the moment, and a few people are coming down for that car race thingy, so it seemed like a good time to have a few drinks.

We had one in Sydney last year, and plan to have another one sometime in the next few months or so when Chris and I can organise it, stay tuned.

Brisbane is also a definite possibility mid year, stay tuned.

And Thanks to Aaron for the Promo.

see also...

Thanks to Aaron

No problem. It is the least I could do Woz.

You got the Paypal funds request too, right?

Paypal funds request

Woz mutters something about lost int he mail and dog ate it and ...


Is this on?

I'm in Shepparton (2 hrs north of Melb).
Huge F1 fan, but this year decided to spend my $$'s on U2 tickets only to have them cancel.
If this is happening, I'm there. Any excuse for beer (and to accidentally end up at Albert Park)

This sounds interesting...

Being in Melbourne and all now... beer is beer after all. When are the details up for release?

Yep! Definitely On!

Location to be confirmed late Friday Aus time.


Newbie to Aus, SEO (and posting at TW), is this open to anyone?


I'm pretty sure anyone's welcome.


I move to New York and they start having SEO meetings in Australia.... oh well maybe I can do a video feed and join you at the pub!

Sounds great!

Sounds great!

Brisbane Show of Hands?

Righto, I'm jealous.

Can I get a show of hands for those keen on a Brisbane PubCon?

My biz will put on a few rounds if we get some good networking going.


>open to anyone?
Yep! Just turn up.

Rickstar, plans are underway for Brisbane so stay tuned.

We are actually pleasantly surprised by the interest being shown here in Aus, a good sign indeed.

Whoo hoo

It's great that this stuff is finally happening in our neck of the woods. It's been pretty isolating over here to date.

*evil grin*

Considering events as of recent...I love the name..

Remember Brisbane belongs to the smart state

I have been known to be convinced to participate in a few beverages.. My vote is for Brisbane, and if the F1 wasn’t on I may have been convinced to make a weekend of it in Melbourne.

Woz keep us in the loop.

1 vote BrisVegas

I'm up for some drinks in Brisbane...

We had one in Sydney last year with Shak...

We had one in Sydney last year, and plan to have another one sometime in the next few months or so when Chris and I can organise it, stay tuned.

Brisbane is also a definite possibility mid year, stay tuned.

Woz & I have organised a couple in Sydney - we made a complete afternoon of it when Shak was over.... But in the past - they were 'invitation only' affairs.

More people seem interested - so this time - pretty much open slather!


Bris Vegas

Wow lot's o brisbanites in here, suprising!! Woz and Chris_D let us know re: Bris mid year - sounds real good.

Friday 24th Beers

I'm hitting Brisbane bars tomorrow (fri) night with friendly competition to talk online travel biz and other interesting things. All welcome. PM for details. Is there an official way to announce these things?

*totally evil grin*

Is there an official way to announce these things? looks free?


Why not, Aussies are

Why not, Aussies are squatting on truelocal already. Yall may as well go for a clean sweep. :P

* ducks *

>squatting The root term


The root term was first created by Pandia up in Norway. I know this because I stole it from them to make a banner to give to the first pubconference sponsor, David Cecil. The shorter, derivative term was in free, almost everday use from the git-go, but not locked away domain-wise. I believe one of the admins or mods at wmw registered it just to keep someone from getting it after the concept of a conference-less conference proved to be a blockbuster hit.

As a co-founder, I'd like to see the original concept of the pub- or hotel lobby-based seo conference go worldwide. And, btw, the original goal was to just get enough money to pay the bar tab and reimburse the moderators their air travel for a job well done.

So, any news on a venue?

So, any news on a venue?

Venue now Confirmed

The venue is the Belgium Beer Cafe Eureka, in Southbank. Easy access via public transport, especially train, and plenty of parking stations around the area. Full details and directions on

See you all there.

Almost missed this con

Shows what one can miss by not visiting TW for a few days. I have invited 7 more locals and will be there with skates on.

6 Hours and Counting!

Just a shameless bump for all the Aussies who might have missed this. See you all there.

Looking forward to a few

Looking forward to a few beers and meeting everyone...

I would like to Thank Woz

I would like to Thank Woz for a great night out, and to put a face to all these names. A total success as in my opinion... well done Woz and look forward to others.

Thanks for having me along.

Me too

I think we had about 20 people including one who flew in from Adelaide just for the con. A great success that should be repeated (in Melbourne, of course). Thanks, Woz.

and again

Yeah, big thanks to Woz. It was great to finally get to meet some people!

A good time was had by all!

Many thanks to those who came along. It was indeed good to catch up with people and put faces-to-names-to-nics. I certainly came away with some ideas and I hope others did too.

As Ash said, we had around 20 people involved, which is none too shabby for a colony, and in the long distance department we had attendees from afar as Shepparton, Adelaide, and Sydney. So it is obvious that there is a great deal of interest in networking with like minded people, not to mention having a few beers and a good time to boot. More to come.

Thanks also for your words of appreciation, but I cannot take all the blame, er, I mean credit. Thanks to Chris_D for helping organise the event, and also to Ash himself for scouting possible venues. Thanks also to Aaron & Dave for allowing us to hijack a small portion of Threadwatch.

See you at the next one.


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