After the Untouchables, The Unreachables


Don't you just love governments and what they do with our money? News story that budget constraints are forcing some local FBI agents to operate without e-mail accounts, according to the FBI's top official in New York.

Spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan said e-mail addresses are still being assigned, adding that the city bureau's 2,000 employees would all have accounts by the end of the year.
Christine Monaco, a spokeswoman for the FBI in New York, said Monday that all FBI agents can communicate with each other via a secure internal e-mail system and about 75 percent of the New York office's employees have outside e-mail accounts. "The outside e-mail accounts have to be separately funded," she said.

Sheesh, the rest of the year to allocate 2000 emails accounts and the FBI being concerned with the cost of funding email accounts.

Gmail for the Gmen perhaps?


couple billion?

ahhh they can just ask congress to allocate some cash to create those email accounts...a billion or two ought to cover it.

Even More Disturbing

Even more disturbing is that Congress ain't even there

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