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El Reg are reporting that PayPal will be launching a none too suprising reverse charged SMS billing service within the next fortnight.

It will only be available to subscribers within North America and the UK to start. So you will soon be able to get payments from your customers while they are on the move.

I've checked PayPal but can't see a press release. Can anyone help?


they've got stuff on their

they've got stuff on their web site about it. (login required) you need to activate your phone inside your paypal account, and setup a pin number as well. from their faq page is a statement on phone spam:

Will I get a bunch of phone spam if I sign up for PayPal Mobile?

PayPal has a strict no-spam policy. Text messages you receive from PayPal will only be related to your transaction. PayPal and merchants from whom you purchase may offer you opportunities to opt in for mobile marketing programs. You can refuse these offers.

Back to their roots,

Back to their roots, then.

Are they going to start using too? :)

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