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Is that really how you guys see yourself - that SEO's have a rep comparable to lawyers? I'm having a hard time relating to that, and generally see appreciation (and trust) evolving as I get into the work and results begin to show. If people complain about anything SEO related then it's the closed priesthood attitude of some SEO's about what they do, but results are results and are appreciated. If the lawyer analogy really fits where you live, then I hope the money you make makes it worthwhile?

My family is really in trouble

We have one of each...

As the Title Says...

It's a JOKE...

>more than enough
I like the SEO community just fine. It's constantly seeing people outside the level of understanding badmouth the field with tiresome ethical debates, ridiculous expectations, and a total lack of understanding that gets old.

It seems every time their is a story, feature, or discussion outside of our own sphere, they are always looking for a way to spin it. Maybe it's just time to grow some thicker skin.

To me, SEO is an understanding of all things that impact search rankings, which is a pretty broad field of expertise. Most the people that know a lot of it are constantly trying to grow and learn, and are the people I look up to and respect. It's just frustrating when you see sh*t like people saying Danny doesn't know anything about Google...and that even came from computer people that at least get the web. That pretty much writes off about 80% of people who don't understand the web from ever hoping to understand what "SEO" means.

I guess it's both a blessing and a curse that so few people do seem to "get it".

>is that how you guys see yourself?
Somebody else made the parallel before me;)

a lot of the SEO people...

are in fact ex-car salesmen and/or other snakeoil peddlers.

Many are not.

The ethical debates aren't going to go away, but only intensify. I think in the arms race the engines are gradually catching up. They have gone nuclear now and are bringing in the ultimate arm in quantity - human review teams and human review mechanisms - as long as they can keep on top of the top ten for prolific and profitable inquiries it will go a long way to putting the straight algorithm manipulation/cloaking crowd slowly out of business.

It always takes a certain time to drive the con men/carpetbaggers/hyenas/jackals out of any new and growth industry. Eventually they con and damage and overcharge enough people and no one will go anywhere near them or their wares. A few industries (the car industry, diet products) never recover.

But the discussion isn't over yet.

Nice collection of jokes in any case. A few I hadn't seen before.


The ethical debates aren't going to go away, but only intensify.

but not on TW, right? RIGHT?

As for hyenas and jackals, last I looked they were still selling used cars. How long does it take to "drive" them out of the industry? When exactly will people stop buying used cars because of slimy used car salesmen? Oh, and when will the diet pill industry actually slow down?

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I actually see the ethics

I actually see the ethics b/s as a fundamental part of any newish industry where individuals can make boatloads of cash. This is only going to get worse as value chains move closer to the individual.

Controlling public perception (or trying to) is huge on large social networks. Why does Matt talk about SEO spam? Why does Darren talk about blogger ethics and look down on content copying (only when it is automated though)? Why does Scoble want to tell bloggers what journalists are credible?

By talking about the topics they put themselves atop the authority chain for the topics. If you can define what words mean or create new language and industry defining analogies you are pretty-much going to gain a boatload of cash or a boatload of authority or both.

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