Google 75% of UK Market in Feb


Report of WebSideStory figures for Feb . Plus ca change, but I still find it kind of scary, and perhaps, with a lot of my business UK based, is the reason why I tend to be a bit paranoid about Google.

For the month of February, Google referred an average of 74.67 per cent of all UK visitors to other sites on the web, compared to just 9.3 per cent for its nearest competitor, Yahoo

WebSideStory showed Google at 73.61% of UK market last June

Rounding out the top five in terms of search referrals were Yahoo (9.30 per cent), MSN (5.46 per cent), AOL (4.21 per cent) and Ask Jeeves (2.28 per cent).
Google’s search referral percentage in the UK exceeds both the US average for the month (55.39 per cent), as well as the global average (62.4 per cent).


Well you can always do some

Well you can always do some work in the Russian market Cornwall - Google only have 6% market share here at the moment. It seems their % has been taking a bit of a hit recently.

A lot of the US webmasters

A lot of the US webmasters especially turn their noses at anyone who feels they are reliant on Google traffic.

These sort of stats help confirm a different realty - that in some major economic blocks, Google = search, so issues of Google traffic/restrictions/sandboxing/penalties/trust become a *very* major issue.

It would be such a relief to see more competition between the big 3 (+1) over here in the UK, relative to the US markets.

how representative is that?

I'm not sure that the fact that Google refer 75% of click throughs is the same as having 75% of searches though. Or I'm really hoping not.

I wonder if the people that use Google are more likely to hit 'back' and click through again, whether the people using HBX Analytics are ore likely to get a higher % of visitors from Google than other sites and what the results would be like if ppc and other paid ads were discounted?

Oh who am I kidding? The dominate the flippin' market and we're all just going to have to put up with it for a bit....

SEW reported Hotwise last

SEW reported Hotwise last October putting Google at 70% of UK search:

Although figures may vary around 5%, they all agree that Google is completely dominant in the UK for search.

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