And the Winner is...


In the Pure Pants™ competion our top two contestants tied in overall votes, but one of them consistantly garnered a higher rating.

65 and 1/2 TW members voted, and the winner is:

Doug Heil, who slightly outdistanced Search Engines Web for the pure pants crown. I will message Doug shortly to ask him where he would like his prizes sent, and how it feels to be an award winning SEO.

His prizes include a copy of I Hate You, Don't Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality and, obviously, a fresh pair of pants.

The results:

  • 33 votes for a total of 112 points: DougH
  • 33 votes for a total of 107 points: Search Engines Web
  • 26 votes for a total of 85 points: Jill Whalen
  • 24 votes for a total of 76 points: Michael Martinez
  • 26 votes for a total of 72 points: Catt Mutts
  • 21 votes for a total of 70 points: John Scott
  • 19 votes for a total of 58 points: DaveN
  • 21 votes for a total of 57 points: all the ads at SEO Chat
  • 18 votes for a total of 53 points: Marcia
  • 16 votes for a total of 50 points: BoboTheCat
  • 21 votes for a total of 49 points: GoogleGuy
  • 17 votes for a total of 44 points: PhilC
  • 15 votes for a total of 42 points: Anthony Cea
  • 12 votes for a total of 33 points: Daniel Brandt
  • 8 votes for a total of 28 points: JasonD
  • 12 votes for a total of 27 points: awall19
  • 6 votes for a total of 13 points: Ronsard

Other forum names which were nominated but the survey would not let me add them mid stream:

  • Icredibill
  • seobuzzbox

Thanks to everyone for voting. Here is a xls sheet of the votes or the online results if you are really into it ;)


You could buy Doug these too

from the IHY online shop. I jest not, these are not Photoshoped items, they are the real thing available to all IHY members.

[img] [/img] [img] [/img]

Congrats Doug!

Congrats Doug!

>> 65 and 1/2 TW members

>> 65 and 1/2 TW members voted,

OK, I'll bite.... 1/2 vote how?

not fing sure look at the

not fing sure

look at the stats

survey monkey said 65...but had 66 votes in each of the last 3 columns


And I get nothing for 3rd place? :(

how's it work?

How did you figure out the points, Aaron. I don't get how it's working. If you look at "avg. response" It's a lot different than how you sorted them.

avg was weighted

avg was weighted backwards...where it gave the far right one more points than the far left.

I believe
(6 - average vote for contestant)* total # votes for contestant = total

did u actually want the boxer shorts or borderline personality disorder book Jill?


I've never owned any boxer shorts, and I kinda like the hot tamale ones...
and having matching underwear as Dougie...well, that would be a real treat!

That way when he snuffs me out, the boxers might be the smoking gun necessary to convict him.


Fifth? Oh well. It's an honor just to be considered by the committee. I think we're all winners. But Search Engines Web is a bigger winner than me. :)

It's just an ahonor to be

It's just an honor to be mentioned alongside Catt Mutts.

I actually like -s-e-w...

...on forums that is.

But TBH I don't really like ANYONE that comments on MC's blog (including myself if I do). It's just this "thing"........

Maybe I read too much between the lines.

At least -s-e-w is honest and open (and ...true... a bit loud and graphic LOL).

Boxer Shorts

Any chance the Spring line of IHelpYou gear will include a new logo on the boxer shorts?

I am confused. This is his photo at IHY now,

..not the one we know and love. Is it the same guy, have aliens from outer space kidnapped the real Doug, I want the real one back.

[img] [/img]

Have no fear....

He is still here...

Its Doug

Having a mid-life hairstyle crisis

its a mistake

the second one is Wallace, clearly :)

Wow, what a toll a couple of

Wow, what a toll a couple of years protecting the free world against people who write words in HTML can take on a man.

aaron, you'll have to fix

the thread updated function if you want me to compete successfully for such a coveted prize. I participate for a few days and then am so deluged with completely useless update notices, that I dread posting again and stay silent for a few weeks.

What's wrong with the thread update notices is that they contain no useful information. They should have the title of the thread (not the number) and should contain the latest comment. That way I know if I should open up the link and reply or not.

It will take down your page views but will up your participation.

Right now, I've disabled comment notification, as it is just too distracting and not useful as is. On the other hand, disabled comment notification will make it difficult to get a discussion going.

Please fix this. I've PM'd you about this about three times over four months.

geesh Aaron.

Geesh Aaron. He's PM'd you three times in four months! C'mon man!


Refund his membership dues man.

ronsard --

You can unsubscribe from threads you've posted in your Profile (the Email Alerts -- top right of the screen). That will stop the email notifications.

look if all of you like to get...

more or less useless thread update notices, it's your deal.

I don't know why Aaron can't put a programmer on it for a couple of hours as it would increase the participation level enormously. At least in my case. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone.

Diane, I have disabled subscription from my account altogether. One can go to the one's membership track page but it's not as useful as getting the actual responses in one's inbox and being able to go online with a single click when something comes up to which one feels one has something to contribute.

Phenomenal, I have been here from the beginning and I did pay my membership dues, albeit not to Aaron. Whose book I also happen to own. And who I think is a great guy for keeping it clean and not joining the $997 marketing system club. And for giving the Navy what it deserved for his rough ride in and out of a submarine.

It's not a personal slight to ask for an ongoing issue to be addressed.

And yes things seem to be a bit more lively here lately. Good job from Aaron and the other moderators.


Another approach might be to send out an update note but JUST ONE, until our next visit. I only need one email to let me know there's new stuff in a thread; the rest are redundant.

that would work to...

I think both choices should be available.

The most useful would be to have the dialogue come straight into the inbox so one could decide if there's any reason to go online or not.

and would sir like one's

and would sir like one's login to be an early morning alarm clock too with a built in teasmaid and toaster?

The participation level as of late has been rather high so one would of thought this was not as big an issue as one thinks

yeah mike...

and the participation level will drop off again once people get sick of having their email boxes flooded with 50 threadwatch notices a day which have absolutely no useful information in it.

If you are one of those chaps who likes to half do a job, good for you and good for your clients.

We are talking about two hours or less of programming time to send out useful notices (vbulletin comes with this facility straight out of the box so Aaron can just send his programmer over there to nick the code).

I'd like this fixed.

Here is the list of shit I

Here is the list of shit I want to get fixed.
Waiting on Drupal 4.7 (non beta) to launch or to talk with DaveN on another CMS.

Meanwhile nagging will not have much effect, other than keeping me from having the time to find good content to post on Threadwatch.

Its Mick actually runsard

>>If you are one of those chaps who likes to half do a job, good for you and good for your clients

hmm well seeing as you dont know me you would do better to keep thoses type of comment to yourself, as for the the threadwatch email notices, you have been a member for over 12 months the same as a lot of us so why have you waited until now to complain if its that big of a deal..?

i did complain to nick

i am complaining to aaron.

and wish to hell it would be fixed.

for now i am using the track page from my profile.

which is the recommended solution before somebody fixes this major annoyance.

on the other hand, take joy that it hasn't been fixed. this poor interface issue kept me from making many, many posts just to avoid the distraction of the cryptic emails.

Stress Relief

Use your email filters. Create a folder for TW thread update emails and divert them there. It's not a perfect solution, but at least it would get them out of your inbox.


You guys don't know what 'annoying' is!! I'm da King at annoying people!!!! grrrr!!!!! Just ask AnthonyCea!!!!!

that'd be

annoying in a good way :)

And is he still around somewhere? wow.

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