Top Level Mobile Domains .MP - Now Available!

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Dot MP Up and Running
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Domains speculaters, get your CC's out and start buying!

I got for $50 and im afraid i knee jerked and bought for $300 (commercial) without having a clue what to do with it... maybe i'll sell it :-)

Casino, betting, pills etc - all gone, but it's VERY early days...

Have fun...


Tooooo funny :-)

Apparently I wasn't supposed to be able to register - they had a glitch with the new system :)

I just got a nice call from Gib Bintliff who apologised for the mistake and sent me a whole bunch of free .mp domains - if you'd like one, post in this thread, fist 3 people only. The others are MINE!

Gib took a fair bit of time to explain the whole .mp deal to me and it was a pretty enlightening conversation. I'll not post about it now, but i'll follow up on this tomorrow when im done playing with my new domains heh..

Thanks Gib!

Ordered a Bunch...

.. One of which is for a candidate in the upcoming (May 4th?) UK General elections in a safe seat.

He seems pretty pleased with it :)

you cheeky

rapscallion. Good of him to compensate you for your earnings lost though ;)

I want the follow up post now, as I can't see the point in these speciality suffixes, anyone who really cares about their mobile traffic will have tailored their .com to work adequately in the smaller environment, which makes the .mp one extra domain not to have users utilise.


Nice...I picked up a few..even scored and ...hey, ya never know.
Do I get one from you too nick?

ooh, cool...

Something else to do with my new phone...


nice pickup jimsthoughts worthless, but at least I prevented someone else from getting it. = good stuff :)

promo codes

I cant work out where to put the damn promo codes!

so funny

Aaron, you're so funny....I tried for seo, saw it available, then searched some more and seo was gone.- HA


check your pm's jim..

Are you all the same guys who....

"snagged" the .biz .info .name etc?


Looks like I missed out! :( None more left, Nick? Looking forward to your report, anyway.

Might go and get a few for some Canadian Members of Parliament - could have a bit of fun with those! :D

Not sure I'm overkeen on the T&Cs, though - forced into their own hosting deal, use it for business (not defined: what about ads?) and you're in violation. Hmm...

all three are gone now?

all three are gone now?

Hmmm... wonder if... is still available. ;)


Request to robots.txt on my .mp shows:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /


crap deal, eh :(


It is now set to only block /site/ (which is the administrative interface directory) so all dotMP sites should be spidered now. Enjoy.

Has anyone done a search...

...for yet? It's fun to see what comes up top. With the robots.txt issue out of the way, we might actually see a couple of "snippets" appear. Interesting.

BTW - do you guys expect a bit of competition (=price red.) between .mp domain dealing companies - in time? As it is, no non-commercial webmaster is going to get him/herself an .mp if he/she has little control over the set-up, AND has to cough up 50,- for it (plus initial cost). I must say I was interested for a while... ;)

You can't have for obvious reasons, but is available as I write this, which, at least in my head, makes a nicer phonetic sound (mupmupmup!)

Still, I dont know how '.mp' expects to compete or indeed catch on with the prices stated - people have been giving away '.info' domains and they're still pretty obscure in people's knowledge.

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