Playboy goes Mobile in 2005

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Playboy aims to sex up U.S. mobile phones
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CNet are reporting Playboys plans to hook up US phones with adult games, tones and other stuff in 2005:

The deal, announced Thursday, calls for Dwango to develop and deliver Playboy-theme games, images, video clips, voice clips and ring tones. The wireless-entertainment firm has similar arrangements with ESPN and Rolling Stone, and distributes that content to subscribers through agreements with major wireless carriers such as Cingular, Nextel, T-Mobile and Verizon.

The deal to distribute this content involves a company called Dwango who also have a deal with Beliefnet, a religious site that broadcasts daily prayers :-)


ring tones?

are we talking 'when Harry met Sally' here? or is there another way to 'playboy theme' a ring tone?

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