Pair Completely Down


Not usual TW fare, but we all know lots of people who use Pair, so this might serve as a heads-up for those looking puzzledly at their stats -, and seemingly everything hosted with them, is down, and it's been like this for a couple of hours, at least for 2 sites we have with them.

WHIR link


Looks like they're back up,

Looks like they're back up, or at least, is.

The Power Of TW

One post here and look what happens.

1 hour downtime isn't

1 hour downtime isn't entirely unusual - quite a few suppliers only start offering refunds in their TOS after more than 1 hour continuous downtime.

5 nines is only five minutes

5 nines is only five minutes a year :-)

Pair only ofer 99.9% though, which is 8 hours down time per year (I think..).

wow thats a first I have a

wow thats a first

I have a dedicated server with them, and have hosted with them for probably 3+ years. Hell I even got to host with them. This is a first lol. I've been with plenty of hosts though so 1 hour loss in 3+ years of no noticable down time is pretty damn good IMHO.

now that you mention it

I was over there, whir that is, and all the forum titles on the home page had been changed to mythical names. Now when I click that link above, server not found.

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