Yahoo! Japan Loovvveeeesssss Claria


Personalization with a popup? My my my.

Yahoo Japan, owned partly by Softbank Corp., is expected to offer users in Japan a downloadable program such as instant messaging, or a toolbar, that will be bundled with Claria's personalization platform. Claria is expected to then use the software to offer users personalized content, as well as to target ads based on users' Web-surfing habits.

"The overall intent," said Chief Marketing Officer Scott Eagle, "is to offer consumers a more personalized online experience."

In the United States, Claria has long distributed Yahoo paid search links in pop-unders. That relationship is independent of Yahoo Japan deal's with Claria, said a Yahoo spokeswoman.

This is an area where Google clearly kicks Yahoo!'s ass. People love Google's spyware / toolbar. Yahoo! partners with one of the 10 most hated web brands ever.

With Yahoo!'s search volume, email users and vast array of content how hard would it be for them to make similar technology in house?

I can't help but think that this is stupid marketing that undermines the credibility of the Yahoo! brand as a whole.