Sitematch: Organic Rankings Suicide?

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Msn, Yahoo/inktomi/overture Trusted Feed, And what happens to Organic Crawl data
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This is an interesting thread, as it shows that even in the minds of some of the more experienced practitioners such as Jill Whalen and ProjectPHP their still exists a degree of uncertainy and cloudiness when it comes to this PFI program. The main question is whether or not you reappear once your budget has expired, based upon your original 'natural' crawl position. Lots of 'possibly's', and 'should's' from David at Trellian, along with a few helpful suggestions.

Sitematch was launched back in May sometime. At the time I read various threads at WMW from confused webmasters grappling to get to grips with whether it was a good or a bad thing.

Questions like

    If you submitted to sitematch, what would be the position once your budget was exhausted.

    Would sitematch be the kiss of death for an affiliate content website.

    What about a site that had an INK penalty, would they be considered under this scheme, would they be included whilst their budget was active this wmw thread threw up all sorts of issues.

I haven't really looked at Sitematch for a while, I dont know if its changed, improved or gotten worse even. At this moment in time, natural crawls (for me at least) seem to cut the mustard, I don't see a need or requirement for it and I don't entirely trust it either. Can anyone point to a definitive position? Is sitematch dead in the water, or has it undergone some mysterious not very well publicised rebirth?


only seen rumour/speculation

I've had a look at this too rob, but have only been either to find less than "hard facts" on it..

I've never used it so cant speak from personal experience but some input from any TW boys or girls with a little experience of SiteMatch would be much appreciated - shameless bump to get some input :-)


Too Complicated

The Sitematch program is too complicated with ill-explained benefits and consequences... they will never get broad buy-in of the concept without making it more clear, IMO.


The SiteMatch Index and the Main Crawl are different Indices. If you unsubscribe or your budget runs out in SiteMatch then the same URL from the free crawl will appear in its place. That is assuming that specific URL is included in the free crawl.

We made a slight change a while back as we have been really focused on comprehensiveness at Yahoo. If we dont know about your site and you submit it to Site Match you will be suggested for inclusion in the main crawl and go through all the usual quality determinations to figure out if and to what representation you will appear in the main crawl index. The conspiracy theories that we will knock the rest of your site out of the index or that we will delete it if you dont pay are just not true and if anyone experiences this they should send me a message via forum mail documenting this. The issue is usually a content issue and people usually try to blame Site Match for their problems.

We also offer the free add url. We should find you by crawling via links but if you do not have any inbound links to your site or you are not optimizing at all this would be a good thing to do. This program actually works quite quickly.

When the Inktomi program ended all of the quality sites remained in the index. A few people said they dropped out and this has nothing to do with Site Match but to do with the quality of the content submitted. If you dropped out and are not in the index and you feel you should be included you should email Yahoo and ask for a rereview. This is a content issue not anything to do with the SiteMatch program.

I assume people understand the benefits of PI but if you dont let me know. I am sure someone on TW uses it and can explain why they find it valuable.
I talked about all of this at the search conference in Vegas during the paid inclusion talk and my slides are posted on the Yahoo Search Blog.

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