Wanted : Spammer-in-chief for MSN


I was talking on the phone to one of the UK SEO Cabal yesterday, and he expressed some dissatisfaction with the endless round of spamming and cashing huge cheques. To my surprise, he suggested he's thinking about chucking it in, and going PAYE... and I started thinking : Who the hell could even think about employing someone at this level?

After some whimsical searching, I found this....

Reading between the lines a little, MSN seem to be looking to push pages into the other indexes out there, and aren't too worried about stepping on toes. Check these quotes out...

Key Success Criteria
Achieve x% of pages cached/listed within Google and Yahoo
Achieve first page ranking in Google/Yahoo for major channel entry points and other important MSN content areas

Christ, say what you mean, boys....


I also liked...

Beat Yahoo! on listing results in Google on major events


Achieve x% of pages cached/listed within Google

I thought that is why they created spaces.msn.com, to let me do it for them ;)

BTW great to see you back and posting TallTroll

I rarely start a thread

I rarely start a thread anywhere.... I prefer to comment on the work of others ;)

I haven't reached 1k at WMW yet, despite having been a mod for quite a while (unless you count Foo and Mods posts of course... but then you don't even want to know what counts people like RC and mivox would have...)

I'm one of those who doesn't feel the need to post for postings sake, I guess. I like to think that when I DO post, it's worth reading....

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