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.Eu registrations opened today for one and all. I am unclear as to how good/accurate their data base is, but I appear to have been able to register some surprisingly good url's this morning.

Markus Eggensperger, Lycos legal and PR director for domains, said there was more public interest in .eu than for any other newly launched domain.

"It's the most important top level domain we have ever seen," he told the BBC News website.

Interest was high, he said, because the population of potential applicants was so large and because of what the .eu domain might become. He said eventually .eu could challenge .com in importance.


It's all a lie. We've been

It's all a lie.

We've been told domains are available and they aren't. Then they offer you to register another domain free and keep your money. Thieves and fraudsters.

EuroDNS is on its knees.

EuroDNS is on its knees. Hurray for well planned launches.

I love how the link to

I love how the link to accredited registries on this page
is broke

Still waiting for the results on mine.

.. no news as yet from my registration company.

So here is how it works: If

So here is how it works:

If you can see http://www.whois.eu/ and verify the domain then there is a chance you can get it.

Seems like you could have been shafted, cornwall old boy. As whois is down the registrars cannnot see it either and therfore cannot grab the domains for you.

I tried to register some this morning and it said:

london.eu, manchester.eu etc were available. Bull. These companies make money out of the confusion of the sunrise period etc. Apparently whois will be up again this evening.Then the pinging can begin.

It seems that after today,

It seems that after today, .eu = .co.uk? :-)

Nah, after today, .eu = .us

Nah, after today, .eu = .us -- there's literally thousands of domains (millions?) for generic terms been applied for already, either in sunrise or landrush. most of the applicants were from holding companies for US domain speculators, using teneous rules about german/benelux trademarks (or something).

Reserved Domains

TW members are welcome to

TW members are welcome to use our .eu checker here. We're not using WHOIS (API connection to Tucows)so you may get better luck.

Things have been busy for us, I would say the launch has gone well.

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