I saw this, and thought of you (all)


In what seems to be the most interesting comment over at Matts FAQ for weeks there was a great link to this site (and I suspect I know where we're sourcing the Goodie Bags for this years TW meet now) - selling everything from temporary tattoos, through trendy 'show your support for spam' wrist bands to spam wine glasses, wall clocks and hoodies, ladies and spammers, I present to you..... The Spam Shop



But the "Adult" section of the site is a bit anticlimactic.

I have to say the camo SPAM

I have to say the camo SPAM hat is rather slick

And for the ladies -

I can see this with one of

I can see this with one of those red circles with a line through it, hung on Matt's wall at Google.

guys that is so 2004 - dave

guys that is so 2004 - dave and chris already have the full collection

i still have never seen dave so happy as when the bartender walked up to him with a full tray of beer saying "free beer for spammers"

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