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Searching Doesn't Make 'Sense'
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The threadlinked article above is essentially, as Techdirt point out talking about clustering - like clusty the clown the baggy trousered pie thrower of search.

Crystal Semantics has developed the 'Sense Engine' in order to produce relevant search results by utilising the senses of words, rather than statistical algorithms used by other search technology. Because any word in the English language can be part of a search enquiry, each word is analysed to determine its potential to discriminate which context the search should cover. The 'Sense Engine' identifies all the likely search words, advises the user of the different contexts the search should cover, and categorises the results encyclopedically providing users with results relevant to their request.

The 'Sense Engine' is the result of a six-year search linguistics development programme undertaken by Professor David Crystal, a world authority on linguistics, encyclopedia editor and published author for Cambridge University Press and Penguin Books. £4 million has been invested in lexicographical and encyclopedic research, giving the 'Sense Engine' a classification system of around 2,000 categories derived from an encyclopedia component of over five million words.

This all begs the question, will clustering take hold...?

by the way, the article above disables right click via javascript. We have a word for people that behave like that in england, starts with W and ends in ANKERS


Don't beat about the bush..

.. or should that be around the bishop?

You call them what you feel mate

Nice article, funnier comments on no right click :D


Don't you just love these Firefox extensions having a 'disable JS' button....

Anyway I like that 186M daily "unsatisfactory" search results estimate in particular. I wonder how many of those will be from SEOers looking for their 5000 unlisted pages 20 times a day :) ?

will clustering take hold...?

will clustering take hold...?

If packaged right I think it will. I like having the option and every once in awhile I use it. Trick is I think the straight Serp needs to be of good quality to begin with. For general searching Clusty seems to get the job done.

Context, not content, is King

As Michael Marshall, creator of Theme Master, likes to say, "Context is King." Contextual metaframes help us to disambiguate content.

For example, you just read and (mostly) unconsciously interpreted the previous two sentences within the context of technology, computers, the Internet, search engines, SEO,, etc. This is my first post here, so my "kirkvan" name didn't provide you with much, if any, useful information. If you had read those same two sentences on, say, a box of cereal, you would have had a much different experience. Context is King.

From an SEO standpoint, the Holy Grail will be to get access to the contextual metaframeworks that the likes of Google, Yahoo, and other major SEs develop, and especially, employ. Our first hint regarding such ontological research is to analyze major web directories that employ logical taxonomic classification.

Free business idea I have no plans to pursue: Create a like SEO service that structures keyword data within a logical and consistent taxonomic hierarchy. It sure couldn’t hurt.


Good idea, that structured keyword data one

If you had the data set that was large enough for mass could probably create quite a service that more than paid for itself, imho.

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