UK: Free Broadband for All!


The BBC news is reporting that the Carphone Warehouse is planinng to offer free broadband connections to deepen its foothold into the broadband market - Currently it has only about 75,000 punters compared to the millions served by the handful of other main players like NTL, Wannadoo etc...

The company looks poised to provide free access for customers who sign up to its Talk Talk landline service.

[Notes they have affilliateships :p ]


Giving away free broadband

Giving away free broadband is a no brainer. They just need to package so little bandwidth and bill people extra for that instead. Dodo do really cheap broadband here (Aus), but the bandwidth included is a total joke.

bandwidth cap is 40GB per calendar month

subject to 'fair use' policy. That should satisfy most 'casual' users who aren't throwing audio/video around, or playing packet-heavy games 24/7.

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