Threadwatch gets MORE Bling Bling


I would like to say after a lot of begging ... SHOEMONEY !! has joined our Editors ..

Secondly I would like to thank all the editors, you guys do a great Job.



Welcome ShoeMoney!

Great! Looking forward to your contributions Jeremy! Good Score Dave and Aaron and rest of editors!

Good to have you onboard

Good to have you onboard mate. :)

Great news!

Great news TW - hope your feeling better Jeremy!

Nice add :-) Quite the

Nice add :-)

Quite the management team coalescing here

Moving to the top of my RSS

This place just keeps getting better. Very nice to see all the adds/changes since the takeover.

I'm liking the direction TW

I'm liking the direction TW is moving in lately. Thanks to the leadership-at-large for the elbow grease.


Amazing he has time for TW:

ShoeMoney Media Group - The Delivery and Service Organization - one of the fastest growing, privately held, technology companies within the United States

I feel so.... diminutive.

My parent company is just a

My parent company is just a front =P

Wow. How can you tell what

Wow. How can you tell what rate the other private companies are growing at?


Good to hear. Look forward to your posts.

Whoa! Good one.

Nice to see yet another great guy behind the curtains at TW. Congrats guys :)

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