Oilman Quits Webmasterworld - Yet another high profile admin Quits

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thanks for the memories
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After losing Webguerrilla, MacGuru, and Shak this week, webmasterworld.com takes yet another body blow as Todd Friesen, aka Oilman, bails on the beleaguered webmastering forum.

Todd was, in recent times, responsible for sponsorship of the webmaster world shows that held thier roots in Mike Mackins original Pubcon idea. He's been around pretty much from the start and im sure that the membership will miss him.

I can only guess at what's going on backstage their now, but word on the street has it that all is not well in the moderators forums as news of Brett Tabkes plans for the future of wmw were thrown upon the mod staff without notice or apparent thought. This information comes from several, very reliable sources but has not been confirmed in public.

Here's oilmans post. It's also threadlinked above.

I'm posting in Webmaster General rather than Community News because this forum has been my home and my responsiblity for about 4 years now and I feel this is the best place for this news.

It's been an amazing almost 5 years since I joined up here at WebmasterWorld. I have been honoured to have your trust and respect over the years as I climbed from member to moderator to administrator. Thank you for the support.

The time has come for the oilman to move on. Thanks to my run here I've been given some incredible opportunites to pursue and I simply can't fit it all on the calendar anymore.

This has been a very difficult decision to make but it couldn't be put off any longer.

I promise I'll stick around and post from time to time and I will always support WebmasterWorld and this community.

and by the way, it was oilman that turned me on to a LOT of what has helped me make my way on the web.

Cheers m8


Pssst his name is Todd Friese

Pssst his name is Todd Friesen, but I understand how you got it confused. ;-)


Where the hell did i get Farmer from then? im sure that's not just random..?

I wonder if BT will delete To

I wonder if BT will delete Todd's login, like he has with other ex-mods and ex-admins?

Welcome to the semi-nomadic l

Welcome to the semi-nomadic life of SlackerWorld, oilman. It's nice, once you get the hang of not working for free.

It was an accident, the deletion

>>>I wonder if BT will delete Todd's login, like he has with other ex-mods and ex-admins?

From memory, I got a sticky from BT saying that deleting my account was an "accident"...though it still seems odd, since he's not prone to "accidents" like that.

C'est la vie, no? I'm 100% sure Todd is very busy with the number of cool opportunites that he's got these days. I know that I can't imagine spending so many hours moderating anymore...one wonders, how I ever fit it into the schedule.

It's an amazing exodus over t

It's an amazing exodus over the last few days. I'm a little stunned although not completely surprised.

Jeremy, you are one of many.

Jeremy, you are one of many.

Senior Moderators Resign at WebmasterWorld

Something is going on at WebmasterWorld and I don't know what it is exactly. Of course I have my suspicions, but I am not the type to air them out over here. Oilman, today quit WebmasterWorld, and I just saw...

Wired Stuff

Have to admit it's got me wondering whats going on. Any tie into searchengineworld.com being taken offline?


I hope Todd makes a ton of cash now that he has more time to spend. For those of you who know me from wmw, Hi. I'll use a different nic here which is pretty appropriate.

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