Will the ex-WmW admins and mods please form a line....

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Will the ex-WmW admins and mods please form a line....
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Damn, I'm starting to lose count. Who's here?



Present and correct.


That's going to be a long list RC.



Travoli? When did you get here?

Damn, this is getting crowded in here. Nice to see you, Travis - hope all's well.

All my favorite people in one place...very cool.

(added for grnidone)

Can't recall being thanked - do recall being asked to leave...then having my posting rights shut off. Does that count as "thanks"?


Present..I'd like to know how many of you were thanked for your time and effort when you left WmW.

I'm writing a story on it. :)

Present and counting.......

Present and counting.......

present and accounted for

Brett was very gracious and understanding. I have no ill will whatsoever. WMW has been exceptionally good to me overall over the years.


Here! Don't remember if I was thanked or not... I think so.

Stirring the pot

Ahhhhhh someone had to keep Brett's life from being so boring. "Thanked?" Nope I was shown the door for not selling out to the search engines. I hope GoogleGuy is taking good care of the place.



Do i count for two as i think i was the only one not to break the habbit cleanly and returned for a 2nd round?

Nice to see you all here :)

The Tipping Point

In my case The Tipping Point happened, and it was time to move on.

Something I had been thinking about for a long time and finally decided to take action.

Lots of conspiracy theories, but I say lets just look back at the good times and move on.

and finally, Oilman, go put the kettle on dude :) - Nick W got me busy with polishing his shoes today...



...eh what?

You'd not wanna go near them today shak, it's muck spreading season out here in the country and they're covered in cow shit :-)

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