Bidding to Build a New Internet

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When concerned with net neutrality what is the best thing to do? Maybe build your own network:

Analysts are speculating that Internet and media companies could team up to bid for radio spectrum in order to launch wireless broadband services, as a way around the phone companies.

Rumors that nontelecom companies could bid for wireless spectrum have floated around for a few years. The new speculation focuses on large Internet content firms such as Google,, and eBay.

Smart Mobs questions the Investor's Business Daily article, noting the large AT&T ad on it:

at the time of this writing, there was also a banner ad for AT&T at the top of the article quoted above from Investor's Business Daily. So, it's very likely that article was born of AT& T PR workmanship"

The radio ad selling platform Google paid roughly a billion dollars for makes more sense if they own a broadcasting spectrum, eh?


Phone companies?

My ex-biz partner used to sell this stuff several years ago, nothing new.

Many cell companies like Sprint and Verizon already had "wireless" broadband service in many areas like southern Cali out in the desert and even the SF bay area which was suddenly pulled from one provider, don't know if they all pulled out.

It's here, they won't sell it, it's BS that you can't get it.

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