Google Calendar


Well Google launched their much hyped and much awaited calendar service. The new calendar service is social in that you can share it with selected people, let them see others using the service, and control the level of details they can see.

I got to give it a go for a bit and it seemed pretty cool, but of course, like all new Google applications its availability is spotty (to help fuel rumor and speculation as a form of marketing).



calendar (you need a spell check in this place) apps are so 1980s.

I remember when Lotus and MS were battling over calendar apps, wake me when it's over.

I Second That Yawn

Checked it out. My two questions are usually, "Anything groundbreaking here?" and "Can I spam it?"

Negatory and negatory. Wake me when my page loads are back to normal from the last Google product I tested...Analytics.

I kinda like it

Google Borg considerations aside, I like when you enter an address it connects it to google local. I like you can invite people remotely to meetings, something I miss after switching from Outlook to thunderbird. They do warn you making stuff public will get it indexed so I'd be very very careful with that one. They hooked calendar into Gmail but not vice versa so I'd fix that.

The sad thing is I might actually use this if it weren't from the borg ...

don't agree, most calender apps are terrible...

and we could all use a good and free collaborative calender application.

Putting any data into Google, though, is handing it over to the spooks if not the FBI.

Not sure I want to automate spywork to this point.

But otherwise a fine, fine idea.

Otherwise even the good PHP calender applications need installation, customisation and training for the users before they are useful. This is a much better solution.

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