Google to Make AdWords API Commercial



Am I missing something?

I thought WebSideStory was already using this commercially?

The Story Is Much Deeper Than That . . .

1. Google is now charging everyone to use their API (it used to be free up to a certain quota);
2. They are requiring anyone who uses it for commercial purposes (a/k/a, companies like Atlas or KeywordMax) to NOT create one user interface that combines Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. In other words, Google must not be intermingled with competitors.

Most people haven't picked up on the second point, as it is written in some pretty heavy legalese in the Google announcement: "For example, an AdWords API Client must not (a) use the same input field or button to collect or use data that will be used as both AdWords API Campaign Management Data and also as data or instructions for a campaign on a Third Party advertising network, or (b) use input fields or buttons to collect or use data for AdWords API Campaign Management Data which are visually adjacent to input fields or buttons that are used to collect or use data or instructions for a campaign on a Third Party advertising network."

At any rate, there are a lot of people who are really upset about this announcement (or who will be really upset once they actually realize what just happened . . .)

how does it all tie together?

Google will allow you to track anything in Google, but the other way round its just no good eh?

I hope this backfires on them pretty bad

prohibited: visually adjacent

smacks of monopolistic thinking.

So, if I buy a Honda, I can't park it beside my Toyota?

If I buy a Yamaha CD burner, I can't plug it into my Sony computer?

visually adjacent being

visually adjacent being prohibited is absolutely fucked for a company that sells trademark terms, frames stolen pictures without permission, and then pays the picture pirate for their efforts

WTF were they thinking with this ignorant policy? if their market is better and more efficient then why stop head to head competiton?

A step in the wrong direction, IMHO

The Announcement Was Delayed . . .

Basically because many of the folks that Google floated this idea to a few weeks ago had the same reactions - monopolistic, hubris, etc. It was supposed to be announced at the end of March. I guess they talked about it and decided to go forward with the plan anyway.

Kind of reminscent of Apple not allowing open-source development of their software. How did that turn out again?

public awareness?

It seems already that if you're not running bid management you are fodder for the profiteers, and this sort of thing only makes the public impression worse for their program.

what are they going to do?

what are they going to do? come to my office and demand a look at my bid management tool to see if I'm complying? They don't show me their tools. I'm sure as hell not showing them mine.

straighten out the problems

& get some good feedback from the developers. Then charge for it once many have built their applications as they will probably pay. I thought Google embraced open source? I think even Microsoft would have more forthcoming about something like that.

i wonder ...

if the DOJ is looking for a new high profile whipping boy with lots of money to prolong a case so that they can stay in the limelight.

seems to me that Google would be a perfect candidate.

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