Google Getting Railed On Fox News For Pedo Man Boy Love


I just saw on Fox News Google was catching hell for there "Man Boy Love" rankings and sugestions.. Most references were to the NABLA website

This brings up a good question... what is Google to do with the old Dmoz listings they have imported into there business directory? Is it time for the to do there own stuff and seperate from dmoz?

A new thread in dp discusses some of many adult topics in Google directory aka DMOZ.

Digital Point Thread



Fox news needs to catch up on technology....people need to start acknowledging that these recommendations are being made by an algorithm and aren't racist or perverted....same as any algorithm...garbage in, garbage out.

They're blaming google for creating useful features that can be used for disturbing purposes as well as good ones...It's like getting angry at a tape recorder for cursing at you.

the argument i suppose is 1.

the argument i suppose is

1. the algorithm is made by people, hence people are ultimately accountable for the algorithm's actions
2. google hand jobs means they do exercise manual editorial how accountable are they?

personally i dont find it to be problematic, although it makes for good news, which is what media outlets need and rely on.

censorship and tracking are reasonable, so long as they are US

along the same lines...

Terrorist groups, which for years have used the Internet and its various tools to organize and communicate, are paying more attention to addressing security and privacy concerns similar to those of other Web users, counterterrorism experts say.

So if you care about your privacy you are a terrorist and/or you openly support them and their cause.

Reminds me of Peter's post on car loans


Did Fox News sleep all these years?

NAMBLA has been on the net forever end been a topic of debate before, nothing new here, just a new victim to drag thru the mud as everyone loves a nice Googlebashing for ratings.

Fox News

It's Fox News guys, come on. Was this before or after the hour long special on the War on Easter.

Challenging Times for Google

Forget about the technology behind these things. Only the likes of us know, or even care about it. What are we as a percentage of users?

I believe Google are facing new challenges. Huge numbers of ordinary people now have sites, be they small businesses, my space, blogs etc.
This now gives them a reference point to look for, somewthing they feel should be there, an anchor point to pass judgement

I am coming across ever increasing numbers of people who used to think Google was the one now think they are crap!

A mother who cannot understand why her son's site appears in yahooo but not G
A shop with a new site #1 MSN for their name, nowhere on G etc etc

I think this is where the new pressure will come from. Not from webmasters but from the public and the media.
They have been fed this diet of Google searching billions of pages and giving you what you want want. Now as people become slightly more savvy and know of sites they feel ought to appear Google are now becoming testable by the public.

Google have fostered this, become rich from it, now they will have to deliver.

Not Yet

I still think we're a year or two away from search savvyness really effecting market share. I still believe that the majority of the search audience simply picks the first search engine that comes to mind or the nearest search bar.

I do think their results have taken a hit lately though. I'm not saying they are below Yahoo! or MSN, but they certainly don't have that clear advantage like they used to. I think some over filtering has caused them to throw out the baby with the bathwater on many occasions. I still find what I'm looking for most of the time, but I've had those instances where I search for a guy's website, new business, etc and can't find the homepage anywhere. Head over to Yahoo! and it's sitting pretty #1. They have to get a lot better with the obvious searches.


I still find what I'm looking for most of the time, but I've had those instances where I search for a guy's website, new business, etc and can't find the homepage anywhere. Head over to Yahoo! and it's sitting pretty #1.

I was looking for a well known political blogger by his name and found the same thing happened.

Evidentally they are not that good at determining link spam from naturual linkage data consolidated around a small group of terms.

It was a weird feeling though, having to go to Yahoo! to get trustworthy results.

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