Steve Rubel: Ebay & Craigslist to Merge in 2005

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eBay and Craig's List Will Merge in 2005 to Create a P2P Media Giant
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Steve says p2p and citizen journalism is where it's at for 2005 and with several new companies waiting to emerge like it may well be the new gold rush.

eBay and Craig's List are already the leaders in facilitating person-to-person commerce. They have also been steadily growing closer together - in August eBay acquired a 25% stake in Craig's List. In 2005 they will take this to the next level when eBay acquires the rest of Craig's List it doesn't own and then enables customers to blog right on their unified site. This will usher in a new era where citizen journalism is directly funded by person-to-person commerce.

I tend to think community as a whole is going to be massive in the next couple of years, mostly becuase i'd really really like it to be :) but partly becuase of all the rumbling you hear if you keep your ear close to the ground. He ends with this, and i think it's noteworthy for threadwatcher's looking to cash in on community:

We have been trained to categorize Internet companies into little discrete buckets. Yahoo is a portal. Google is a search site. eBay is an auction site. Amazon is an online retailer. That's all well and good, but I bet the the brilliant executives who run these innovative firms, however, are taking a much larger view of where the online medium is headed and they're watching blogs create trusted communities that can spur future revenues. You should too.


Easy Prediction

Easily predictable from the buy in period. Don't know if I ever really used Craiglist but good for him. :P

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